A Painted Canvas-Colors of Life MS/HS Dance production

On April 1st, Our MS/HS dance students performed in the theater for their spring recital. About the production:

Yellow, blue, red,

mix them well and you have a 


Feeling, characteristics, and things,

each color has so much that it


Can you imagine a life without 


Eras passing by,

No blue wathers and sky…

Can’t miss spring, summer, autumn 

and winter.

Moving from one shade to another.

Welcome to the Hue-Man life moving 

and grooving through our 

technicolor glasses.

The production was directed by Ms. Revati Khattar and our student directors were Surya K and Jasmin H. MS dancers included Yuval B, Iseult B, Emily K, Katelyn F, Shivansh V, Noor C, Abi K, Yael M, Eliza O, Tara P, Rakel M, Rowenna W, Francisca M, Kirsi K, OJ K, Kyra P, Kunal S, Emily W and Gisele A.

Thanks to all for an unforgettable evening of dance!


Service Learning Day- Grade 6

For Service Learning Day in 6th grade, students participated in a variety of activities to get them thinking about service. The purpose of the day was to become aware of the consequences of acting out of self-interest versus acting in the interest of others and to begin thinking about the ways that they can become agents of change. Students particpated in an eye-opening simulation called “the ice cream simulation”, they had an opportunity to reflect. Grade 6 held a town hall meeting and then each advisory did some service research and at the end of the day they were given chalk to write some inspirational quotes of something that resonated with them. Students reported a fun day of learning! A special thanks to Ms. Guggisberg for her planning and the Grade 6 teachers and TAs who helped to make the day a success.

Middle School Service Learning Day–Grade 7

On March 28th, the entire AES Middle School suspended classes for the day and focused on service learning. In Grade 7, that meant an additional interaction with the special needs school located in Malcha Marg. The kids met in Nehru Park for games and a picnic. You can see by the photos below how much fun the students from both schools had during the exchange!! We will host these students at AES on April 11th. If you are a 7th grade parent and would like to volunteer, please contact team leaders Jeni Henderson(jhenderson@aes.ac.in) or Tracy Willcott(twillcott@aes.ac.in)

Thanks so much to Ms. Henderson and Ms. Willcott for their tireless dedication to this awesome program and to all of the 7th grade advisors and TAs for making this an extra special event for all involved.

Grade 7 School Visit

Last Thursday, March 7th, our grade 7 team, along with several parent volunteers, headed to a special needs school nearby AES. Each year we partner with this amazing school, where both our students and their students benefit from the exchange and friendships are created. This year is no different. Students visited their school and in a couple of weeks, they will visit AES two more times. AES advisory groups create activities for their time at AES and their students create activities and special performances for our arrival at their school. It is an incredible opportunity for everyone. A huge thanks to Grade 7 team leaders Ms. Henderson and Ms. Willcott for their organization and to all of our teachers, parent volunteers and school staff who make it possible!!

Midnight Glow Social!

Last Friday, after a full day of Fort Frenzy and a special schedule, students had an opportunity to unwind at the second social of the year! The 7th grade sponsored the dance and the theme was Midnight Glow. What was different about this social? It was held from 4:00-5:45 so in order to achieve the theme of Midnight Glow, the dance was held in the Middle School Studio, where blackout curtains provided an atmosphere of nighttime. Students not wanting to dance the “night” away, spent time in the Glow Paint room , playing ping pong outside, watching a movie in the HOP or having great food served by our incredible food services team! It was the perfect way to end a fun day and an awesome week!

Lost City of Atlantis MS Social

On Friday, December 7th from 6pm-8pm, the Middle School Hall of Peace and first floor was transformed into the Lost City of Atlantis. This was the theme of our first social of the year which was hosted by Grade 8. Music was organized by our DJ club, led by Mr. Hoiseth and students enjoyed good food, movies, games and even a visit by Roxy, Ms. Clifton’s dog. A good time was had by all. A special thanks to our Grade 8 teachers for chaperoning and Mr. Currey, Ms. Al Moreno, Ms Gamette for organizing and, of course, our amazing facilities team for helping the kids transform the space!

Shanti Concerts

It is concert season at AES! Last week our incredible AES musicians performed in the annual Shanti concerts. Under the direction of Ms. Boyadzhieva, Mr. Boyadzhiev and Ms. Bolton, our choir, band and orchestra delighted audiences filled with parents, teachers and friends.  Thanks to our incredible music department!!


This past Saturday, December 1st, AES hosted a Badminton tournament with a local school, well-known for it’s badminton team. The Middle School badminton team is coached by Michael Ho and Atul Sharma. This was a great opportunity for our badminton team members to play in a tournament before the upcoming ASIAC tournament next weekend. See below for a few photos of the action!!


Grade 8 Humanities is currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on their last unit and transitioning to our next. As part of their last unit, the kids wrote between 6 and 8 personal and historical fiction vignettes and then selected three that had a common theme to revise, edit and publish. 
You can find these vignette collections in our class Flipboard magazine. The students would love to have some feedback from you! You can leave a comment on the student’s blog, or you can leave a comment or like a post on Flipboard (you need an account). 
They were working on writing with clear ideas and common themes throughout the selected vignettes, writing vignettes with strong sentence fluency by using varied internal punctuation and sentence length and type, and writing with voice to evoke a feeling and create atmosphere. Comments around those areas would be particularly helpful.
The Instagram profile is aescurrey – if you cannot tune in live, We will also post a replay so you can find it later. Again, it will be very exciting for the kids if you could give some live feedback. This is a celebration, so we are really only looking for comments that are positive. Here is what they are practicing and a few ideas of some feedback you might give:
  • Eye contact (“You did a great job of scanning the room!”)
  • Volume -varied for effect and loud enough to be heard  (“I like how you spoke quietly in parts to show how serious it was.”)
  • Clear pronunciation 
  • Purposeful pauses and overall speed (“When you paused on the word ‘home’, it made the meaning of your vignette stand out.”)
  • Posture and Body Language (“You looked very confident while reading your vignette.”)
  • Emphasis on certain words or lines 
Comments about those areas would be great, but feel free to also mention something you like about the content of the vignettes. 

ASIAC soccer! A great weekend!

On October 12-14, our boys and girls ASIAC teams traveled to Chennai to compete in our yearly ASIAC soccer competition. Three school compete; The American School of Bombay, The American International School of Chennai and the American Embassy School of Delhi. Each school has 2 boys teams and 2 girls teams. Our boys teams placed first and fifth and our girls teams placed third and fourth.

Overall, it was a great weekend and our hosts at the American Intennational School in Chennai were so welcoming. We made lots of new friends, played great soccer and had a lot of fun.