Service Action Trip to Friendicoes Animal Shelter

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Friendicoes Seca is a social organization formed  in 1979 for the wellbeing of animals. The society saves animals from harmful environment. It is associated with the Society of RSPCA, UK and a Member Society of World Society for Protection of Animals, UK.

It was started on 17 sq. ft. land in a shopping complex. It was opened in a bare shop with no electricity or water. It began as a clinic cum shelter home. Just within a week, the society had 27 dogs and 12 cats. Some of them were abandoned pets and others were injured.
At present, the society has four large rooms in a row, two operation theatres and a corridor with fly proof mesh and fibre glass. It consists of of many kennels. The kennels provide shelter to more than 150 dogs and cats. The animals are treated well and then rehabilitated. The animals are provided food and water and groomed from time to time. The society has a country sanctuary in Gurgaon to house their permanent residents and run a vast ABC program to control stray dog populations. In addition, they also find homes for abandoned and rescued animals and run a mobile equine clinic. They spread education and awareness related to animals which is needed among children and public.
It has an Ambulance Night Animal Rescue & First Aid Service to provide round the clock help to animals.
What We Can Do: Donations, Awareness, Informing about sick or pregnant animals
Donations that are especially welcomed!

  • Rice, oatmeal (dalia), bread
  • Old newspapers
  • Towels, bed sheets, curtains, clothes , furniture, mattresses
  • Mobile phones, computers, medicines
  • No longer needed dog collars, leashes, feeding bowls, dog beds
  • Books for their book fair

Adoptions- Who should Adopt?

  • Adopt an animal only if you are committed to giving it a permanent home. Never abandon a pet when you leave Delhi, or give to a shelter where it will live in a cage, or be put it to sleep.
  • You can sponsor an animal for Rs. 2000 per month and receive regular updates about his/her well-being, along with photographs.

What to do when you see a street dog or cat or monkey that needs help.
Bring the animal to them (ask a parent, house worker to help) Friendicoes Seca 271-273, Fly Over Mkt, Jangpura Side, Defence Colony, or call Friendicos 9810000254 /011) 24314787, 24320303, 24320707

  • Tell them the problem (animal is sick, pregnant, injured)
  • Tell the location  (Contribute to the cost of treatment if possible)

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