Peace Week

Happy International Peace Day, September 21, 2013! What a great week celebrating Peace in our Middle School!

On Monday, Peace Week was kicked off with a great opening assembly. The theme was ‘Our Piece of Peace: In yourself, in our community, in our world’. Our theme of Peace, this year, was enhanced by a connection with the American School in Japan (ASIJ).  Through Peace Poems, Peace Pledges, Crane Folding and the story of Sadako, your children empathized and considered the need for Peace in our world. As a group, we watched the following video.

Peace One Day 2013 Campaign – Jude Law

Over the course of the week, students were asked to think about what Peace means to them…

  • What word comes to mind when you think of Peace within yourself?
  • What word comes to mind when you think of Peace within our community?
  • What word comes to mind when you think of Peace within our world?

They came up with some great responses, that were turned into these Wordles. You can also check out some of our students’ blog posts and other items on our International School Students for Peace Google Plus Community.

Additionally, students spent advisories and lunch periods folding cranes that will later be taken to a memorial at Hiroshima by our peers at the American School in Japan. Check out the fun pictures of our students making cranes.

[slideshow_deploy id=’421’]

Part of the AES Values is that “Every person has the responsibility to contribute to peace and harmony in the world.”  Peace week has highlighted this value and helped bring the importance of Peace into focus for all of us.  Special thanks to our Peace Committee: Ms. Chatterjea, Ms. Lowen, Ms. Al Moreno, Mr. Sheridan and Ms. Krueger.

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