7th Grade Special Day

Wednesday, we celebrated ourselves as a 7th grade, and really zoomed in and spent time on the topics that have been really important to us this year: Empathy, Service and Focus.
We spent a good part of the day working on our AES MS E-library project. We worked on creating audio/visual e-books for various schools/students throughout India. The purpose of this activity is to provide students who are learning English with the opportunity to hear, read and learn English more easily. Advisory groups had the opportunity to really think about and plan the best ways to create these e-books, and there were many creative final products!
We also spend time revisiting the topic of Focus, which is something we have talked about as a grade level this year. We reviewed why this is such an important skills for all of us to cultivate, and what makes it so hard to do in our daily life. We also had a chance to practice the skill of focusing– including taking part in a fun, fast-pacted and sometimes frustrating group focus challenge using K’nex, where we had to apply all that we have worked on with focus, empathy and working together as Advisories. It was a truly great day!
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