Earth Day Microbead Campaign

Today at our middle school assembly, and last night at the community presentation on Earth Day, Dr. Marcus Eriksen raised our awareness about a serious threat to our waters – microbeads!
Microbeads are used in facial cleaners and scrubs to help exfoliate skin. These face cleaners include small plastic microbeads, that are then washed down our drains and out to sea. The good news is that there are non-plastic products you can purchase and it really does make a difference.  Click here for more information from the 5 Gyres website and science study.

The video above shows Dr. Marcus Eriksen showing how to test a facial cleanser for microbeads. We would like to encourage you to look through your cupboards at your cleansers. If you find microbeads in a product at your home, send that product in to the MS Office – Dr. Eriksen is collecting these and will find a way to dispose of them safely.
And here are some of our students and faculty taking part in Dr. Eriksen’s campaign:

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