7th Grade Earth Day

After a whole middle school assembly with Dr. Marcus Eriksen to kick off our Earth Day celebration, the seventh grade spent the afternoon on an environmental tour of the AES campus. Students visited the school nursery to focus on the school grounds, the high school tech hub to look at paper and recycling, the compost station to look at food waste, and the water filtration/sewage treatment plant to learn more about water usage.

On Thursday in ET, students further researched about water, waste & compost, and paper & packaging. Students started by completing a personal inventory and reflection about their own practices and consumption. They then worked together to follow¬†Dr. ¬†Erickson’s Three Step Cycle, primarily focusing on Step 1 to start.

  • STEP 1: Get the facts/ Do good Science
  • STEP 2: Tell the World/ Who is your audience
  • STEP 3: Make it stick


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Earth Day Kickoff Celebration with Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Videographer Chris Jones:

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