6th Grade ET (Enrichment Time)

In the middle school, students meet for Advisory four days a week for twenty minutes. Advisory serves to:

  • be a flexible, dynamic response/place to support issues/concerns that arise in the middle school or grade level (ex: ask.fm, gossip)
  • increase a sense of belonging, connectedness and community
  • support and facilitate social-emotional learning in our students, such as empathy – who they are in groups, how they feel about who they are, deepening awareness
  • support and guide students as they develop academic learning habits, such as organization, goal setting and learning strategies
  • provide opportunities for curriculum integration
  • support and promote the school mission statement
  • help students become responsible decision-makers – academic, social, digital, etc.

A couple of times a month, we extend the advisory meeting to an hour, which we call ET, or Enrichment Time. This extra time allows for extended activities and digging deeper into different conversations and activities.

The first 2 weeks of school, we have a special ET schedule each day, to provide support for students as they are establishing their beliefs and norms in their classes, receiving iPads and learning about Digital Citizenship, reviewing the MS Handbook, and rolling out our grading system.

Check out these great photos of our 6th grade students engaging in some fun team building at a Community Meeting they held during one of these ETs.









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