Introducing our new teachers

While it is always sad to say goodbye to departing faculty and students, we are so fortunate to have some incredible new educators join our middle school!

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Josh Babcock: MS Math (grades 7 & 8); Mr. Babcock was teaching in Arizona last year.
Kenn Jacobine: MS Humanities (grade 7 and Money & Markets); Mr. Jacobine was in Qatar last year.
Kay Saich: MS Math (grade 8); Mrs. Saich was in Shanghai last year.
Michael Saich: MS Science (grade 6 & 7); Mr. Saich was in Shanghai last year.
Zoreen Velji: MS EAL Humanities (grade 8 & Performing Artist Series); Ms. Velji was a long term substitute for the MS last year.
Beth Burrows: MS Drama and Yearbook (all grades); Ms. Burrows comes to us from the ES.
Nancy Hills: MS Math (grade 6); Ms. Hills comes to us from the ES.
Jonah Rosenfield: MS Science (grade 7 & 8); Mr. Rosenfield comes to us from the HS.
Maureen Cullen: MS Technology Coordinator; Ms. Cullen comes to us from the HS
Linda Li: MS Mandarin (all grades); Ms. Li moved to Delhi from Saudi Arabia.
Pravin: EAL Support (Grade 6 & 8); Ms. Pravin was in both the MS and HS last year.
Doug Asher: Grade 6 & 7 Counselor; Mr. Asher was a counselor in Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Jan Cantrill: MS / HS School Psychologist; Dr. Cantrill was previously only in the high school.

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