Advisory this week

In an effort to help parents understand our advisory program and learn about what students are talking about, we are hoping to provide periodic updates throughout the year regarding the work that is happening in each grade level. See what each grade is talking about in the paragraphs below.

Grade 8:
In 8th grade, we are intentionally building community within our advisory groups – one of the “immediate circles” students are part of as part of as we consider the larger theme of “being part of something larger” – through food.

We are starting the apple pie activity whereby each advisory group will work together to gather all the materials needed to bake 2 apple pies. Next week, we will assemble, bake, eat, and judge the apple pies. I am personally hoping to win the “looks most like a train wreck” award this year.

Grade 7:
In grade 7 advisory, students are puzzling over these questions:

What does it mean to be in 7th grade?
Who we are as a group/what is our personality?:
Who are you as an advisory?
What is your role in advisory/on a team?
How can teams work effectively?
How do teams make decisions?
How can we become better team members in preparation for WOW?

This week, advisories have participated in various teamwork challenges and games. Be sure to ask your child what challenge they participated in, and what they observed about themselves and others during it?

Grade 7 advisees also spent time this week exploring PowerSchool with their advisor, and having conversations with their advisor about what is going well for them so far this school year, as well as areas that might need some additional focus and attention.

Grade 6:
In Advisory this week, we will be focusing on academic and organizational skills that will lead to success in the classroom. Through small group discussions, activities, and practice time for specific tasks (like making and reflecting on weekly goals), our best hope is that students begin acquiring and implementing the study skills that they will utilize throughout the course of the rest of the year. By prioritizing this focus in advisory, and asking ourselves ‘How do I learn best?’ we are sending a clear message to students that their academic success is important.

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