Apple Pie Making

The eighth grade spent the last week in advisory prepping for an annual team-building activity: making apple pie.

Each advisory was divided into two smaller groups, given a recipe, and tasked to put together the best apple pie possible. The cafeteria supplied the ingredients and Mr. Rosenfield provided each advisory with two pie pans, however each advisory had to assemble the following supplies:

  • several sets of measuring cups and measuring spoons
  • two large bowls for mixing crusts (so both groups can work simultaneously on the two pies)
  • two bowls for tossing cut apples and other filling ingredients
  • large spoons for mixing
  • sharp knives for cutting apples
  • 2 rolling pins
  • OPTIONAL for decorating: colored sugar, M&Ms – check for allergies of students, raisins, etc.

Students had to figure out how to work together to correctly follow the recipe, who would do each part, and find a way to make their pie unique and stand out.

The pies were then cooked Friday morning, and Mr. Chmelik, Ms. Coyle, Ms. Schmid, and Mr. Rosenfield all judged the pies based on:

  • Most Artistic
  • Best Dressed
  • Best Tasting Crust
  • Best Tasting Filling
  • Most resemblance to a train wreck
  • Most likely to be used in a pie throwing contest

Enjoy the photos!

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