7th Grade Advisory

In 7th grade advisory, students and their advisors have been developing their group identity, and exploring what it means to be an advisory member. To put these skills into practice, advisory groups had to decide on an advisory name, and then ‘present’ that name to the other groups. We had an amazing showcase of acting, singing and dancing as we learned who the groups are. Take a look at these awesome advisory group names:
Mr. Freil’s advisory: Captain Underpants and the Dangerous Diapers
Ms. Pupovac’s advisory: Toasty Pterodactyls
Mr. Citrino’s advisory: Turtles of Tomorrow
Ms. Burrows’ adivsory: B squared’s  Bubbly-Goal-Setting-Pink Tigers
Ms. Pravin’s advisory: Pravin’s Peaceful Pandas
Ms. Henderson’s advisory: Gnarly Narwhals
Ms. Minkley’s advisory: Macho Moustached Mario Mushroom Minkleys
Mr. Melgaard’s advisory: Magical Mystery Melgaards
Mr. Jacobine’s advisory: J-Dawgs
Ms. Li’s advisory: Tiger-Headed Cookie Monsters
Ms. Citrino’s adviosry: Cha-cha Pineapples
Dr. Fraizer’s advisory: Fancy Fraziers
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