6th Grade Dance Exploratory

The Exploratory Program block, a key component of middle level philosophy, is one teaching period divided into six 6-week courses mandatory for all grade 6 students. The exploratory affords students a chance to experience multiple courses that provide hands- on experience for future course selection, either in the middle or high school programs. The courses are presented in short blocks to allow for students to experience all the exploratory choices in the same year. The courses are assessed in a pass/fail manner that supports the exploratory philosophy.The exploratory courses are: Indian Studies, Art, Health, Dance Exploratory-Body Graffiti, Robotics and Digital Age Literacy.

Dance Exploratory- THE ABC’s of Dance
Sixth Grade Dance Exploratory students will become Performers, Choreographers
and Responders of Dance. Dancers will become familiar with Dance Vocabulary
in each of these roles. A basic understanding of the Elements of Dance – Body
Effort Space and Shape informs the curriculum structure. Dancers will learn a
choreographed sequence and strive to master with a performance rubric and
culminating sharing in each session. Dancers will become familiar with the
work of a choreographer and respond to a Dance Performance. Opportunities
for personal expression and improvisation will support individual interests and
learning styles.

Enjoy these photos of students from the first exploratory cycle sharing with fifth grade students.

photo (15) photo (17) photo (16)

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