World Language Week

The last week of December was World Language Week. World Language Week is a chance and opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the people from the countries where the language is spoken. It’s about taking the time to engage in detailed and in-depth study about the importance of connecting to people.

During lunch, on we had special activities that let us participate in fun activities related to the cultures of the people from the countries of the language you study.

World Language week is composed of three main pieces:

  1. An in-school research project during World Language classes;

  2. An at-home cooking experience that is used for a bake sale for charity;

  3. Fun lunchtime activities that showcase the diversity and beauty of various languages.  The following days are when the language classes will have their bake sale.

Monday – French bake sale, Karaoke Activity

Tuesday – Mandarin Bake Sale, Lion Dance Activity

Wednesday – Spanish Bake Sale, Quiz Bowl Activity

Thursday – EAL Bake Sale, Cascarones Activity

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