A world wind diary!

Friday, two of the MS French classes, got to be a small part of a beautiful experience. They received, quite unexpectedly, a traveling diary from a 4th grader from Sherbrooke, a small town in Québec, Canada. The young girl, Marie-Ève, wrote about herself in the diary and sent it to someone she knew. The magic begins to happen when this person writes a letter in it and sends it to someone he knows that lives far away. The idea is to have the journal travel the world and come back to the student by May. There are now 22 of these diaries traveling the world as every student in Marie-Ève class is part of this magical experience. So far, it has travelled from Sherbrooke to Montréal, to Iqualuit, to Paris, to New Delhi. The next destination is Phnom Pehn in Cambodia. The MS students were so excited about being part of this, they wanted to have their pictures taken with the diary so that Marie-Ève could see how cool this was for all of us.

IMG_0091 IMG_0085

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