AMIS Orchestra

AMIS Honor Orchestra at the American School the Hague
Shawn Lee and Nicholas Loh are representing AES at the AMIS honor school orchestra at ASH. Enjoy the video of Nicholas and Shawn in rehearsal.
Check out this great video from one of their rehearsals!

Choir Trip to Austria
Wow, what an amazing day!!  Kids enjoyed a tour of the Vienna Boys Choir home and garden, participated in an experience like none other through workshops, singing and having a mini performance (all videos forthcoming), followed by an invitation to watch a dress rehearsal of a children’s opera with members of the choir and so much more!
Until we can provide the videos, here are some pictures to get started.
All kids are well. Tomorrow, Salzburg-Mozart’s house tour followed by workshops with the Bach Choir and the Salzburg Camerata.
AES in workshop with WSK At the entrance to the WSK

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