7th Grade Aanchal Field Trip

The 7th grade ‘Day of Service’ went off without a hitch! It was a beautiful spring day, and we enjoyed a walk through the neighborhood of Malcha Marg en route to Aanchal School. Once we reached Aanchal School, all 7th graders once again met up with their Aanchal school buddies (this was our third and final meeting). AES and Aanchal students together spent one hour rehearsing and polishing their skits. Our second hour at Aanchal school was spent watching and participating in skits on topics such as: Traffic Safety, hygiene, pollution and littering as well as a few folktales and dance numbers. We celebrated with snacks provided by the PSA (thanks!). In the afternoon, 7th graders worked on advisory and team-building through a K’nex challenge, improv and leisurely reading time on the lawn. All in all, it was a great way to cap off our service project, and to usher in spring break. ¬†Enjoy the photos and the video below.

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