Shawn Lee Goes to MathCounts in Boston!

This year, I got the chance to attend the 2015 National MATHCOUNTS Competition that took place in Boston. 224 kids from around the world were invited to this event. I was part of the State Department team, which was composed of me, Rohan from Singapore, Jason from Hong Kong, and Joseph from Taiwan. Mr. Davis from Hong Kong was our coach. I arrived a day early and met Rohan first, and had dinner with him before my teammates arrived. I roomed with Joseph, the 7th grader from Taiwan. Although we were there for four days in total, the math competition part only took one day, and that definitely was not the best part of this trip. We got to explore Boston, like take a tour of Harvard and go to the Science Museum, and ate good food at Quincy Market. But I think that the best part of this trip was meeting all the cool people there and bonding with my team. I got to meet many MATHCOUNTS celebrities like Lou DiGioia and Richard Rusczyk, who most of you probably have no idea who these people are. I also traded state pins with almost all 50 states, plus 6 other teams invited to Nationals. Another awesome thing was all of the swag we got from MATHCOUNTS – a heat sensitive pencil, a hat, shades, a water bottle, earphones, and the most awesome of all- a TI-Nspire CX CAS! As for the actual competition, Kevin Liu from Illinois won the tournament, our team placed 41th out of 56, and individually I placed 174th out of 224. But that’s not what really matters in this tournament. I think that the experience of being in a place where there are 223 other people that share the same passion that you have for math is a life changing experience, that lets you make so many memories.

Written by: Shawn Lee

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