Family Math Night

Thank you to all the families that came to our AES Annual Family Math Night. The MS math department loved watching you puzzle and play with math (even when your time was up!).
We know that some of you are on the edge of your seats for the answers to the Locker Problem:
All of the square number lockers are open.  These numbers all have an odd number of factors, i.e. 4 has 3 factors, 1,2, 4 so they end up open.  There is also a pattern to be found, between the square numbers the amount of closed lockers increases by 2.  Between 1 and 4 there are 3 closed lockers, between 4 and 9 there are 5, and on it goes.
Additionally, here’s the link to the Math Practices along with questions to ask for each standard to promote mathematical thinking.
IMG_8759 copy IMG_8804 copy IMG_8824 copy

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