HOPE Club to Lodhi Gardens

On Saturday, October 10th the MS and HS HOPE Club ventured to Lodhi Gardens with students and teachers from the Tigri School. From the middle school, Aishwari and Skye joined Dr. Frazier and the other high school students.

Our AES students taught the children how to make the kite. It was a beautiful place to make and fly a kite–with the Bara Gumbad Complex in the background < http://islamic-arts.org/2013/bara-gumbad-masjid-delhi/ >.

Dr. Frazier learned how to make these simple glider-kites from an Australian at a workshop sponsored by NASA in Houston–for teachers from schools connected with the Office of Overseas Schools. At the time, Dr. Frazier was teaching at Dhahran Academy, Saudi Arabia. That summer the workshop group met the ten teacher astronaut candidates, including Christa McAuliffe. They had just finished “0-g” simulation aboard a retrofitted big jet nicknamed, The Vomit Comet. Dr. Frazier has introduced this kite to all ages all over the world. A very durable design–nearly everyone is always successful.

It was an amazing backdrop – kites and monuments. The students from Tigri already know quite a bit about kid flying, but they were very interested in these as they varied some from the traditional design.

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