First ever Raspberry JAM!

On Wednesday, April 6th, we held our first ever Raspberry Jam! Students in our Raspberry Pi club presented the projects that they have been working on with their Raspberry Pis. What is a Raspberry Pi? This is a credit card sized computer that can be programmed in many different ways. The projects were diverse and  the passion for their projects was obvious. Projects included, motion detectors that turned on a camera, motion detectors that took a picture and emailed it to you, a selfie machine, an intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, a Raspberry Pi programmed to drum, one to complete a maze and one to create a story.  Some students will continue to work on projects in a self-directed Advanced Pi club this final quarter. Mr. Carlson, the Assistant Director of Technology, documented the club’s activities here. Kudos to all of the students who gave this a try, Thank you to  Mr. Coyle, Director of Technology, for his support for the project. Thanks also goes to Ms. Coyle and Ms. Schmid, our MS admin team who encouraged the project and supported the kids. Thanks to the Student Enrichment Fund committee, consisting of admin, teachers, board members and Mr. Chmelik, the director, for funding the project that will continue next year as well!

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