First Hope Club Trip of the Year

The MS and HS Hope Club had their first trip on Saturday. Rino and Daniel represented the middle school on this trip.
Making friends and spreading happiness is what Hope Club is all about. Among the many benefits our visits bring to the Hope kids is the special opportunity to practice their English.
It would be wonderful to have a larger group of middle schoolers for the 15 October outing to Lodhi Gardens. 100 students from the Hope School are expected to meet us there. This trip is such a treat for the children from Hope School who rarely have the chance to travel outside their neighborhood. We will plan a variety of outdoor activities for them and treat them to a picnic. I hope AES Middle School can plan and run an activity station. One year m.s. students taught a karate routine and some dance moves. We have also led nature/tree/bird and butterfly walks. Last year we constructed kites, flew them and air pressure-water rockets (that had been built by AES 7th graders!). What are some ideas you all have? Talk with Dr. Frazier if you are interested in joining these great trips! Spread the word. Bring your classmates and friends.
Check out the photos below.
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