Open Doors Week

Thanks to everyone who took part in our first Open Doors Week of the year!  Open Doors is a concept of teachers getting into each others’ rooms to learn from each other. We kicked off this year’s ODW series with a week of looking at literacy across the curriculum.  Teachers took time out of their busy schedules to observe and learn from one another. Most often when it comes to Open Doors Week, the biggest “a-has” usually have to do with being reminded of just how incredible our colleagues are, and this week was no exception.  Weeks like this one make me wish I was a student at AES (though, I kind of am…)!

Whether written on the chart paper in the MS Conference room, or just told to me in passing, here are some of the highlights of the week that have been shared:

  • Students using the analytical paragraph structure of Claim-Support-Explain in math class to make their math thinking visible!
  • Students using a thesaurus to practice paraphrasing a standard that they are currently working towards
  • Students having independent reading time in World Language classrooms
  • Masterful socratic seminars happening in 8th grade Humanities
  • Crafting hypothesis statements in Science class
  • World Language and EAL teachers realizing they need to hang out more (professionally and personally!!)
  • Visible thinking protocols being used to make students purposefully look at their writing and see it in a new way
  • Students independently using mentor texts to improve their writing
  • Anchor charts for close reading in Science classrooms
  • Reading, reading, reading, reading…and a little more reading–in ALL classes!  HOW COOL?!

THANK YOU to all of the teachers who made this happen.  What an inspiring week! After all…

“The most valuable resource teachers have is each other.  Without collaboration, our growth is limited to our own perspectives.” -Robert John Meehan

Written by: Courtney Al Moreno, MS Literacy Coach

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