Service Learning at AES MS

We believe that service learning provides you the opportunity to:

  • Apply your skills to improve the community
  • Make real decisions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your community, and society
  • Develop as leaders who take initiative
    …in other words, make a difference in the world!

In the Middle School there are some opportunities for students to get directly involved in service learning and we are hoping to create even more opportunities. 

Reach Out: Reach Out will start 2nd quarter and most likely meet on Fridays. There will be a lunch meeting soon to discuss the club. The Reach Out club invites 20 students from the Vivekenand Camp to come to AES and work with the Reach Out club on a variety of activities, designed to improve their English and give them additional opportunities. Students in the club design and prepare the activities. Some activities include the makerspace, swimming, the climbing wall, English lessons, rangolis etc. We encourage students to join and come to our first lunch meeting to be announced soon.

Hope Club: We work with children from the Hope Foundation School which is in an impoverished neighborhood in south Delhi. We visit the school and sometimes the children take us to their homes. On Monday afternoons (M313) we prepare for Saturday morning trips to the school or to another place of interest where we meet the children. We often partner with the High School branch of HOPE CLUB. Sometimes we visit on our own. Middle school members with kids. We sometimes chat with children via skype on Monday afternoons through a high school project called “cyber service.” Conversations strengthen friendships and the children get to practice English.  On 9 September, 2017 we’ll go to Lodi Gardens. Please come if you can!!! Email Dr. Frazier for more details.

Science Corps:  This is a new project for AES students and teachers. It gained momentum during the AES March for Science and Earth Day celebration in April, 2017 and is inspired by the Peace Corps. The group hopes to help spread the joy of Science to others. The group will meet each Tuesday in Dr. Frazier’s room (M3133) from 3:45-4:45. Here are just a few of the activities that are already planned:

  • Each One Teach One has a program at a school in Malcha Marg and has asked us for an exchange on Tuesday afternoon 5 September 2017!
  • The MAD (Making a Difference) program at AES high school teaches academic English to children from the Vivikanand Camp. They want to use science activities as a way to build English skills.
  • Hope School: The director and teachers at the Hope School always ask the Hope Club to do more science with their children.
  • Even some AES elementary teachers have asked about Middle School students’ help with science activities.

Thanks to Mr. de Oliveira, our service learning coordinator, and also to the many teachers dedicated to bringing service learning opportunities to the students in the MS.




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