Leadership Seminar #1 – The Language of Leadership

70 students, lead by faculty facilitators Ms. Cullen, Ms. Lockwood and Mr. Webster came to the Middle School HOP on Saturday from 9-12 to learn more about the language of leadership.  Students participated in a variety of activities around the power of verbal and non-verbal communication in leadership roles. Students were engaged in a variety of activities including role-plays and team building games that allowed their leadership skills to shine. Students reflected on the communication characteristics of a good leader and also debriefed one new thing they learned, one thing they reviewed and one hope of something they could continue to work on. This feedback will be used to inform future leadership seminars.  Good learning and good fun!


One thought on “Leadership Seminar #1 – The Language of Leadership

  1. Way to go AES MS! Now more then ever it’s imperative that we take time to intentionally teach good leadership qualities. Proud of those 70 kids and three dedicated teachers.

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