8th grade students make Apple Pies!

Every year, our 8th grade team works on team building and on fostering collaboration in their advisories. This year was no different, in fact, this year, 8th grade advisories also made advisory slogans and represented themselves as a group on an Advisory t-shirt made in the makerspace and in their Advisory classrooms. From “Dodd’s Dragons” to “De Olivez” to “Part of a larger breakfast” students came up with creative ways to represent their advisory group. On Thursday, August 31st, students brought supplies and “secret ingredients” and made Apple pie crusts and fillings. The next day, a panel of judges, including Ms. Clifton, our new principal, the counselors and the Grade 6 and 7 team leads gave out awards like “best crust”, “best filling”, “Overall best” and the most sought after awards “most likely to be used in a pie-throwing contest”and “train wreck”. Fun, laughter, team building and bonding abounded. Middle School at AES is a great place to be!

Photo Credit: Leonie Broekstra

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