Grade 8 Humanities is currently in the process of putting the finishing touches on their last unit and transitioning to our next. As part of their last unit, the kids wrote between 6 and 8 personal and historical fiction vignettes and then selected three that had a common theme to revise, edit and publish. 
You can find these vignette collections in our class Flipboard magazine. The students would love to have some feedback from you! You can leave a comment on the student’s blog, or you can leave a comment or like a post on Flipboard (you need an account). 
They were working on writing with clear ideas and common themes throughout the selected vignettes, writing vignettes with strong sentence fluency by using varied internal punctuation and sentence length and type, and writing with voice to evoke a feeling and create atmosphere. Comments around those areas would be particularly helpful.
The Instagram profile is aescurrey – if you cannot tune in live, We will also post a replay so you can find it later. Again, it will be very exciting for the kids if you could give some live feedback. This is a celebration, so we are really only looking for comments that are positive. Here is what they are practicing and a few ideas of some feedback you might give:
  • Eye contact (“You did a great job of scanning the room!”)
  • Volume -varied for effect and loud enough to be heard  (“I like how you spoke quietly in parts to show how serious it was.”)
  • Clear pronunciation 
  • Purposeful pauses and overall speed (“When you paused on the word ‘home’, it made the meaning of your vignette stand out.”)
  • Posture and Body Language (“You looked very confident while reading your vignette.”)
  • Emphasis on certain words or lines 
Comments about those areas would be great, but feel free to also mention something you like about the content of the vignettes. 

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