A Painted Canvas-Colors of Life MS/HS Dance production

On April 1st, Our MS/HS dance students performed in the theater for their spring recital. About the production:

Yellow, blue, red,

mix them well and you have a 


Feeling, characteristics, and things,

each color has so much that it


Can you imagine a life without 


Eras passing by,

No blue wathers and sky…

Can’t miss spring, summer, autumn 

and winter.

Moving from one shade to another.

Welcome to the Hue-Man life moving 

and grooving through our 

technicolor glasses.

The production was directed by Ms. Revati Khattar and our student directors were Surya K and Jasmin H. MS dancers included Yuval B, Iseult B, Emily K, Katelyn F, Shivansh V, Noor C, Abi K, Yael M, Eliza O, Tara P, Rakel M, Rowenna W, Francisca M, Kirsi K, OJ K, Kyra P, Kunal S, Emily W and Gisele A.

Thanks to all for an unforgettable evening of dance!


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