6th Grade ET (Enrichment Time)

A couple of times a month, we take time to extend our advisory period for grade level teams to have Enrichment Time (ET). Last Tuesday we had an ET.

Digging into our ‘Who am I?’ theme, sixth graders worked on creating slides to share some fun information about themselves with the grade 6 community.

Marshmallow Challenge

On the first day of math class, our sixth grade students in Mr. Amlani’s and Mr. Smith’s classes took part in the Marshmallow Challenge. This was an activity for students to come together and create a free standing structure with 20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti, 1 yard of masking tape, 1 yard of string, and a Marshmallow in only 18 minutes! As the students learned, the exercise really reveals some deep lessons and the importance of collaboration. Here some shots of the students on action:

IMG_0598 IMG_0633IMG_6675IMG_6678

And here is a great Ted Talk that discusses the value of this exercise:

Teacher Office Hours!

Our teachers are available to help students before and after school. Each teacher schedules office hours twice a week and students can stop in and ask questions, work on assessments and get extra help.

Words come to life through Art

Empathy. Inspiration. Smile. Community. Integrity. Growth Mindset. Create. Persevere. Service. Confidence. Identity. United. Believe. Diversity.

At the beginning of last year, Ms. Coyle gathered students in a leadership round table to look at our school’s mission and to think about quotes that represented what the mission means to our Middle School.  With the help of visiting artist Mike Johnston,  MS students along with Mr. Citrino and Ms. Pupovac from the MS Visual Arts Department were able to create the vibrant and intricate designs painted throughout the background of each piece. During the spring semester Ms. Pupovac’s design class put the finishing touches on the mural boards by designing typeface for individual words that encompass the ideas the leadership roundtable crafted last year. Below is the gallery of the final collaborative work created by our Middle School Art students, now proudly hanging in grade level hallways.

Service Learning Day-Grade 6

The 6th grade spent their Service Learning day in a variety of activities with the purpose of becoming aware of the consequences of acting out of self-interest versus acting in the interests of others and beginning to think about the ways that they can become agents of change. The day started with an activity called the Ice-cream game which is designed to get students thinking about fairness and equality. This led to  a lot of discussion and reflecting and at the end of the day a little bit of fun team building. A wonderful, meaningful day for our 6th graders!

Enrichment Time in February

On Thursday, February 25th we enjoyed a lovely Enrichment Time in all three grades.

Sixth grade students used the time to prepare for the upcoming Student-Parent-Teacher conferences. Check out the teachers modeling an effective conference:IMG_4743

Seventh grade students spent time digging deeper with their empathy work by hosting students from Aanchal School. The school is located in Chanakyapuri and serves students with various disabilities. It is an important project for our seventh grade students, and is very meaningful. Working with special needs students for the first time can be challenging, however students had a very positive experience today, and there were smiles all around. All 7th grade students and Aanchal students met on the MS field for a rotation/station games set-up (some stations will be arts and crafts stations, some more physical, like a big parachute).