Middle School Enrichment Time

On average, twice a month, the Middle School runs a special schedule that includes a one hour Enrichment Time. During that time, there are a variety of activities that happen at each grade level. Sometimes it is service learning, sometimes it is team building but it is always a way to enrich our students. Today, the 6th grade prepared for our visiting author, Ralph Fletcher, by reading some of his work and brainstorming some possible questions that they could ask during his visit. The 7th grade introduced the Aanchal Service project. Students will be working with a special needs school just a 15 minute walk from campus. They will visit the 7th graders here at AES and the 7th graders will visit them at their school a short walk away.  The 8th grade is in the midst of the Population project. Today their Enrichment Time focused on balance and organization as they face the tasks that they have ahead of them.  The group started with some drama games to think about organization and being a good collaborator and ended with students in smaller groups talking about balance.  All in all, a great morning for our Middle School!


December 18th Ralph Fletcher Read Aloud #AESlovesRalphFletcher

In connection with popular author Ralph Fletcher’s visit to AES in February, our Middle School literacy coach, Courtney Al Moreno, organized a Ralph Fletcher read aloud. Teachers brought their classes for hot chocolate , homemade cookies and a story from Ralph Fletcher. A huge success!  Our goal is to have every Middle School student and every Middle School faculty member read a book by Ralph Fletcher before his arrival…we are well on our way!  Looking for a good winter holiday idea? Buy or check out from the library a Ralph Fletcher book!

Grade 6 gets a visit from their Grade 1 Reading Buddies

Our 6th grade Humanities classes are joining with the first grade to form reading buddies. The excitement of the first graders coming down the hall and the excitement of the sixth graders ready to read was great to see.  We have some pretty wonderful 6th graders who loved reading to and being read to by their adorable first grade buddies. Check out the photos below!

Congratulations Charlotte, Delhi Horse Show, Army Equestrian Centre!

During this year’s 30th Delhi Horse Show, our AES middle school student Charlotte participated, over 3 days, in 3 events. Hack, Dressage and Show jumping. Charlotte rode 2 horses, Sultan (dressage) and Pasha (hack and jumping). Both horses belong to Anuradha Krishna, owner of the Children’s Riding Club. There were many clubs from all over India, it was a very exciting event to be part of, a super experience for Charlotte, she learned a lot. This summer Charlotte will spend 2 weeks in England, at Wellington Riding, where looking after horses are combined with riding and theory. Charlotte would like to compete internationally one day.

Congratulations Charlotte!!

Service Learning Day – 6th Grade

In Grade 6, we took some time to explore the difference between acting out of self-interest and acting in the interest of others. More specifically, we engaged in a simulation called the “Ice Cream” Game, where students were placed into communities of varying degrees of privilege (or none at all) and then acted out. Once the simulation finished, we unpacked why we behave in such self-interested ways. In the afternoon, we took some time to define the concept of empathy and then research examples of teen activists, who are driven by their sense of empathy. We ended the day trying to think about how we can begin taking action to be more empathetic on a daily basis, as well as on a larger community and world-wide scale.

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