Middle School Enrichment Time

On average, twice a month, the Middle School runs a special schedule that includes a one hour Enrichment Time. During that time, there are a variety of activities that happen at each grade level. Sometimes it is service learning, sometimes it is team building but it is always a way to enrich our students. Today, the 6th grade prepared for our visiting author, Ralph Fletcher, by reading some of his work and brainstorming some possible questions that they could ask during his visit. The 7th grade introduced the Aanchal Service project. Students will be working with a special needs school just a 15 minute walk from campus. They will visit the 7th graders here at AES and the 7th graders will visit them at their school a short walk away.  The 8th grade is in the midst of the Population project. Today their Enrichment Time focused on balance and organization as they face the tasks that they have ahead of them.  The group started with some drama games to think about organization and being a good collaborator and ended with students in smaller groups talking about balance.  All in all, a great morning for our Middle School!


7th Grade Empathy with Kindergarteners

This semester, our 7th grade advisory focus is Empathy. Our 7th grade students are building their empathy skills through our grade 7/kindergarten buddy exchange. We went to visit the KG classrooms, and read books, played, built towers and got to know each other. We will have our second exchange next Friday, January 29th, and hope to meet with them once a month before the end of the year. All the students– kindergartners and 7th graders had a blast!

December 18th Ralph Fletcher Read Aloud #AESlovesRalphFletcher

In connection with popular author Ralph Fletcher’s visit to AES in February, our Middle School literacy coach, Courtney Al Moreno, organized a Ralph Fletcher read aloud. Teachers brought their classes for hot chocolate , homemade cookies and a story from Ralph Fletcher. A huge success!  Our goal is to have every Middle School student and every Middle School faculty member read a book by Ralph Fletcher before his arrival…we are well on our way!  Looking for a good winter holiday idea? Buy or check out from the library a Ralph Fletcher book!

MUN Refugee Debate

Our Model United Nations students are busy debating a very important topic.. This week their research comes to life. Throughout their MUN course,  students’ have increased their knowledge of world issues, as well as their growing research, speaking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It’s inspiring to watch their development!

This week, students are engaging in their final summative debate on the human rights of refugees in Europe. They are following United Nations protocol and they are impressive!
Check out our photos!

Hot Air Balloons in Science 7!!

Lots of excitement today as the first class of 7th grade scientists launched their handmade hot air balloons in the middle of the MS Social set up!  Why do the balloons rise? Why do they fall? Does the amount of time exposed to hot air make a difference?  Great thinking and hands-on discovery happening, mixed in with a lot of fun!

7th Grade Aanchal Field Trip

The 7th grade ‘Day of Service’ went off without a hitch! It was a beautiful spring day, and we enjoyed a walk through the neighborhood of Malcha Marg en route to Aanchal School. Once we reached Aanchal School, all 7th graders once again met up with their Aanchal school buddies (this was our third and final meeting). AES and Aanchal students together spent one hour rehearsing and polishing their skits. Our second hour at Aanchal school was spent watching and participating in skits on topics such as: Traffic Safety, hygiene, pollution and littering as well as a few folktales and dance numbers. We celebrated with snacks provided by the PSA (thanks!). In the afternoon, 7th graders worked on advisory and team-building through a K’nex challenge, improv and leisurely reading time on the lawn. All in all, it was a great way to cap off our service project, and to usher in spring break.  Enjoy the photos and the video below.

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7th Grade Aanchal School Exchange

Thursday, seventh graders hosted approximately 130 Aanchal students and staff on the MS field; our first Aanchal exchange of the year. AES and Aanchal students rotated through six stations, taking part in activities such as bowling, clay jewelry making, art rubbings, parachute games and soccer! For our AES students, it is both challenging and rewarding to work with students with a variety of cognitive and physical disabilities. We look forward to two more visits– on March 10th and March 18th. Parents are welcome 🙂

A Grinchy ET

Sixth and seventh grade students mixed it up during Enrichment Time today to celebrate a “Grinchy ET”. Students had to mix up with students they don’t know between grade levels and work together on various challenges, including a one-armed gift wrap challenge and the highest free-standing balloon and tape tower. Check out the fun photos below!
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Fun in French Class

Un beau bonjour de Paris!
The intermediate French class is learning all about food (la nourriture)!  So why not recreate a little french café with croissants et fromage et Orangina. Hum, we also had popcorn. A few table clothes, candles (of course battery operated), a little french bistro music in the background and of course a crazy Cordon bleu chef and voilà our class was transported to Paris, the city of l’amour!  The idea is yes to be able to identify foods and know how to order in a restaurant, but also, to understand the cultural importance of food and the sharing of food all over the world!  Ce fut un réel plaisir!
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