Hour of Code

On Tuesday, November 14th, our 8th grade students spent ET (Enrichment Time) participating in an Hour of Code.

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How does technology impact lives?

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Enjoy the pics below:
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Interested in more coding?!? Here are some further resources from Mr. Coyle (Director of Technology) to explore regarding coding.

To get started
To go deeper
* = Cost involved

8th Grade POP Field Trips

On Wednesday, 8th grade students ventured out into Delhi to explore their Population Project topics. Students had the opportunity to see with their own eyes:

  • The issues they are researching
  • Contributing factors
  • The people who are living these issues
  • The experts working to find solutions

Field Trip 1: Yamuna River Walk

  • Visit 4 locations along the Yamuna in Delhi
  • See the ways that the citizens, the city, and industry impact this river

Field trip 2 :Education and Camp Communities

  • Visit to a School in Tigiri run by the HOPE Foundation
  • Learn about daily life and issues facing children and families in India
  • Meet and talk with students
  • See how opportunity and challenges are faced by the school and the students
  • Visit students in their homes and have a chance to interview them

Trip 5: Gender Issues

  • creates safe spaces across India where women in need can come to live and work.
  • At W+S women are taught to use the skills they have or develop new ones.
  • Apparel and accessories produced by the women are then sold to overseas markets.

Asha Foundation

  • Community empowerment programs in slums
  • Slum development programs
  • Family planning education
  • Maternal and infant health


Reflection: At the end of the day, students reflected on their experiences, including their learning from the trip.


7th Grade Aanchal Field Trip

The 7th grade ‘Day of Service’ went off without a hitch! It was a beautiful spring day, and we enjoyed a walk through the neighborhood of Malcha Marg en route to Aanchal School. Once we reached Aanchal School, all 7th graders once again met up with their Aanchal school buddies (this was our third and final meeting). AES and Aanchal students together spent one hour rehearsing and polishing their skits. Our second hour at Aanchal school was spent watching and participating in skits on topics such as: Traffic Safety, hygiene, pollution and littering as well as a few folktales and dance numbers. We celebrated with snacks provided by the PSA (thanks!). In the afternoon, 7th graders worked on advisory and team-building through a K’nex challenge, improv and leisurely reading time on the lawn. All in all, it was a great way to cap off our service project, and to usher in spring break.  Enjoy the photos and the video below.

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Service Learning Day – 6th Grade

In Grade 6, we took some time to explore the difference between acting out of self-interest and acting in the interest of others. More specifically, we engaged in a simulation called the “Ice Cream” Game, where students were placed into communities of varying degrees of privilege (or none at all) and then acted out. Once the simulation finished, we unpacked why we behave in such self-interested ways. In the afternoon, we took some time to define the concept of empathy and then research examples of teen activists, who are driven by their sense of empathy. We ended the day trying to think about how we can begin taking action to be more empathetic on a daily basis, as well as on a larger community and world-wide scale.

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7th Grade Aanchal School Exchange

Thursday, seventh graders hosted approximately 130 Aanchal students and staff on the MS field; our first Aanchal exchange of the year. AES and Aanchal students rotated through six stations, taking part in activities such as bowling, clay jewelry making, art rubbings, parachute games and soccer! For our AES students, it is both challenging and rewarding to work with students with a variety of cognitive and physical disabilities. We look forward to two more visits– on March 10th and March 18th. Parents are welcome 🙂

POP Speakers Day

Thursday was a great day for 8th graders studying the Population Project.

Speakers from diverse backgrounds engaged our students with presentations and question/answer sessions that expanded and deepened their understanding.

Follow this link to the Guest Speakers page to see what they shared with us!

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–This post is credited to Mr. Coleman and Mr. Currey. Find more information about the Population Project at this link.

Peace Week Celebrations

We celebrated Peace Week through advisory, assembly and with lunchtime Peace videos. Each advisory created a mandala that is made up of who we are as individuals and the similarities that we found among us, as well as celebrating our diversity here at AES.

Day 1: Peace in who I am–Celebrating How We’re Different
Students took some time to reflect on and celebrate what makes us, us! Students rotated around to 8 different stations and wrote down their personal response to each of the questions on the white paper cutout. The focus was to celebrate our individuality–what’s special and different about each of us.

Students reflected on the question: How does recognizing, appreciating, and celebrating our diversity help promote peace in our middle school?

Students also came dressed up for school in international clothes. Our goal – to celebrate our diversity.

7th Grade Advisory

In 7th grade advisory, students and their advisors have been developing their group identity, and exploring what it means to be an advisory member. To put these skills into practice, advisory groups had to decide on an advisory name, and then ‘present’ that name to the other groups. We had an amazing showcase of acting, singing and dancing as we learned who the groups are. Take a look at these awesome advisory group names:
Mr. Freil’s advisory: Captain Underpants and the Dangerous Diapers
Ms. Pupovac’s advisory: Toasty Pterodactyls
Mr. Citrino’s advisory: Turtles of Tomorrow
Ms. Burrows’ adivsory: B squared’s  Bubbly-Goal-Setting-Pink Tigers
Ms. Pravin’s advisory: Pravin’s Peaceful Pandas
Ms. Henderson’s advisory: Gnarly Narwhals
Ms. Minkley’s advisory: Macho Moustached Mario Mushroom Minkleys
Mr. Melgaard’s advisory: Magical Mystery Melgaards
Mr. Jacobine’s advisory: J-Dawgs
Ms. Li’s advisory: Tiger-Headed Cookie Monsters
Ms. Citrino’s adviosry: Cha-cha Pineapples
Dr. Fraizer’s advisory: Fancy Fraziers
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6th Grade ET – Magic Carpet Ride

Sixth grade spent a recent Enrichment Time (ET) going over what our upcoming MS Social is all about. The Sci Fi Social is the first MS event of the year where students can spend some great time with their friends. We have previously called this an MS Dance. We changed the name this year, since there is so much more than music and dancing – there will be lots of fun activities like watching movies, playing games, spending time with your friends, and continuing to build and connect within our community. There will be a snack counter open for purchases so please keep some cash.  Permission slips will be given out to students this week. Check out the work that our sixth grade team did to talk with students about what the Sci Fi Social is all about.

After the individual sessions, the whole sixth grade came together for a team-building challenge – to get all members of the advisory from one side of the carpet and flip it without anyone stepping off the carpet. Check out the fun photos:

Apple Pie Making

The eighth grade spent the last week in advisory prepping for an annual team-building activity: making apple pie.

Each advisory was divided into two smaller groups, given a recipe, and tasked to put together the best apple pie possible. The cafeteria supplied the ingredients and Mr. Rosenfield provided each advisory with two pie pans, however each advisory had to assemble the following supplies:

  • several sets of measuring cups and measuring spoons
  • two large bowls for mixing crusts (so both groups can work simultaneously on the two pies)
  • two bowls for tossing cut apples and other filling ingredients
  • large spoons for mixing
  • sharp knives for cutting apples
  • 2 rolling pins
  • OPTIONAL for decorating: colored sugar, M&Ms – check for allergies of students, raisins, etc.

Students had to figure out how to work together to correctly follow the recipe, who would do each part, and find a way to make their pie unique and stand out.

The pies were then cooked Friday morning, and Mr. Chmelik, Ms. Coyle, Ms. Schmid, and Mr. Rosenfield all judged the pies based on:

  • Most Artistic
  • Best Dressed
  • Best Tasting Crust
  • Best Tasting Filling
  • Most resemblance to a train wreck
  • Most likely to be used in a pie throwing contest

Enjoy the photos!