Photography Class

Photo students had a great day of class recently. They learned about camera obscura and pinhole photography. They went inside a box and saw how the light refracts off of surfaces just like in a camera. They also made some pin hole photos too. So much fun!

In photography class students were amazed by the magic of the camera obscura. “look a bird flew across my hand!” So much magic in art.

Here is a cool video that explains what they did.


Words come to life through Art

Empathy. Inspiration. Smile. Community. Integrity. Growth Mindset. Create. Persevere. Service. Confidence. Identity. United. Believe. Diversity.

At the beginning of last year, Ms. Coyle gathered students in a leadership round table to look at our school’s mission and to think about quotes that represented what the mission means to our Middle School.  With the help of visiting artist Mike Johnston,  MS students along with Mr. Citrino and Ms. Pupovac from the MS Visual Arts Department were able to create the vibrant and intricate designs painted throughout the background of each piece. During the spring semester Ms. Pupovac’s design class put the finishing touches on the mural boards by designing typeface for individual words that encompass the ideas the leadership roundtable crafted last year. Below is the gallery of the final collaborative work created by our Middle School Art students, now proudly hanging in grade level hallways.