Chess Club

Chess a lost art? Not here at the high-powered Chess club of Middle school!

These hours after school can only be described as a total mental workout! From nerve-racking games between our students, raw skill, we have at all.  Remember folks, it’s always brains over brawns!  🙂

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A favorite annual event – the High School and Middle School Hope Club students organize visits, activities, field trips, and celebrations throughout the year for children at the Hope Foundation School in Tigri ( The school serves children from an impoverished neighborhood in south Delhi. In addition to planning the day’s activities, our exceptionally competent and compassionate club members had received donations and prepared gift bags for the 200+ children at the school. And Santa got to give out the presents! What fun!

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Hope Club Halloween Trip

For the 18 October trip with a Halloween theme, the m.s. Hope Club members played Trick and Treat with students from Tigri School. Each child would draw a “trick” from a pumpkin (directions for a silly skit or stunt). After performing for the entire class, the “tricker” would get a treat. Then children all made masks. A great time with much laughter and many smiles.