This past Saturday, December 1st, AES hosted a Badminton tournament with a local school, well-known for it’s badminton team. The Middle School badminton team is coached by Michael Ho and Atul Sharma. This was a great opportunity for our badminton team members to play in a tournament before the upcoming ASIAC tournament next weekend. See below for a few photos of the action!!

ASIAC Music Festival

This past weekend AES hosted the ASIAC MS Music Festival. The American International School of Chennai and the American School of Bombay arrived in Delhi on Thursday, December 7th for an action-packed weekend of music. The event kicked off on Friday morning with the theme of Heroes. What is a hero? What does a hero do? This musical weekend was a “heroic event”. It brought together individuals with different backgrounds, ideas and experiences to collaborate, connect and create together. A huge thanks to our hosting directors Ms. Boyadzhieva and Ms. Bolton, our entire AES music department, as well as our visiting directors who played a huge role in making the event a success.

Opening Ceremony:

The culminating concert!

ASIAC Badminton and Table Tennis

This past weekend, December 7-10, the American International School of Chennai hosted our end of season tournament. AES, ASBombay and AISChennai all particpated in the tournament. AES fared very well, winning championships and new friendships. The following students participated:
Tanush S, Arjun D, Vikram D, Aarav G, Sagar C, Satyaj B, Keshav S, Ronan T, Maya D, Ananya L, Nora W, Vedaa K, Arshi C, Mohavi T, Sanna P Muhammad B, Azam D, Enoch L, Eduard H, Minjae L, Ho Seung C, SeungYoon H, Junghwan S, Agustin P, Shiv S, HanGyeol P, Avanka P, Tim W, Santino C, Willem H, Maya V, Kiran P, Victoria B, Natasza S, Amaya M, Gabriela J, Myra K, Anika S, Jigme D, Reem A, Nikita D, YoonSeo H, Arabella C, Yunji K, Capucine P, Max D, Sumair K,Jakub V and Tomas A. A great time was had by all. Thanks so much to our coaches, Mr. Shekher, Ms. Sethi, Ms Kapoor and Mr. Sharma!! See below for some awesome pictures of the action!

ASIAC Season 1

Congratulations to all of our ASIAC season 1 participants, coaches, and directors:

Badminton and coaches Atul Sharma and Madhu Kapoor.

Table Tennis and coaches Nisha Sethi and Shekhar Gupta

Music Festival and directors Bolton and Boyadzhieva

You can also enjoy the full music concert here:

ASIAC Volleyball – Guest Post by Max Rubin

My name is Max Rubin. I had an idea to try something new. I have always enjoyed photography so I decided to take it to the next level. I wanted to do action photography for the ASIAC volleyball and tennis. My dad is a big photographer so he has always been a big motivation. I learned a lot,  especially about cameras.  I think this experience was amazing and more kids should do it.

Enjoy the photos!


ASIAC Soccer

Today marks the first day of the ASIAC Soccer Tournament at ASB in Mumbai. The day kicked off with a nice opening ceremony and then play began. With warmer temps and slightly cleaner air, the students started the day in fine fashion. Please enjoy the pics below from the first day.

ASIAC Music Fest

AES Middle School musicians traveled to Chennai October 9th and 10th to participate in the ASIAC Music Fest. Reports from teachers and parents with the trip communicated how impressed and proud of the AES students and their great musical contributions.
You can watch the concert by following this link:
Check out some photos from the trip:
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