National MathCounts Competition!

Congratulations to AES grade eight student Si Hyun (Shawn) Lee who earned 1 of 4 spots at the 2015 MATHCOUNTS National Competition. Shawn will be member of the U.S. Department of State Team. To qualify for this prestigious honor, Shawn first had to have one of the top four scores at AES, and then one of the top four scores amongst students at international schools around the world. The 3 other students are from Hong Kong International School, Singapore American School, and Taipei American School and will meet Shawn in Boston, Massachusetts from May 7 to 10. Shawn will be one of only 224 students worldwide taking part in this special weekend that includes the competition as well as tours of the Boston area and a banquet honoring the mathletes. Shawn participated in MATHCOUNTS for each of his three years in the AES Middle School. In 2014 and 2015, he was a member of the winning team in the regional competition. AES has previously been represented at the MATHCOUNTS National Competition by Ju Yun Nam (2011) and Sejin Park (2012). We wish Shawn the best of luck next month in Boston!

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Congratulations Charlotte, Delhi Horse Show, Army Equestrian Centre!

During this year’s 30th Delhi Horse Show, our AES middle school student Charlotte participated, over 3 days, in 3 events. Hack, Dressage and Show jumping. Charlotte rode 2 horses, Sultan (dressage) and Pasha (hack and jumping). Both horses belong to Anuradha Krishna, owner of the Children’s Riding Club. There were many clubs from all over India, it was a very exciting event to be part of, a super experience for Charlotte, she learned a lot. This summer Charlotte will spend 2 weeks in England, at Wellington Riding, where looking after horses are combined with riding and theory. Charlotte would like to compete internationally one day.

Congratulations Charlotte!!

AMIS Honor Choir & Orchestra

Choir Participants:  Sam Scheutz, Neha Bandhari, Da Yeon Roo, Youngseo Kim, Seobin Lee, Seoyoung Lee, JiHyo Kim
AMIS Honor Orchestra Participants
Shawn Lee, Nicholas Loh
Shout outs to:
Nicolas Pavlos, Shabana Khan, Mira Boyadzhieva, Christine Matovich and Carmen Pohl (awesome tour guide) and Ms. Coyle and Mr. Johnson for their approval

AES Black Takes the Gold at MATHCOUNTS in Abu Dhabi

ACS Abu Dhabi played host this past weekend for the regional MATHCOUNTS competition. Fifty-four students from seven international schools (Delhi, Bombay, Chennai, Cairo, Abu Dhabi) took part, including eight students from the American Embassy School.

The competition was tight this year with strong students coming from around the region. In the end, AES Team Black took the top spot in commanding form. AES Team Black consisted of Shawn Lee, Shin Young Park, Yeong Seo Kim, and Yeryeon Seo. AES Team Gold missed 3rd place by the slimmest of margins. AES Team Gold consisted of Karan Chandra, Vir Narula, Gunho Park, and Jinyoung Jang.

AES had the highest number of students in the final Top 10 Countdown Round with three student representing the Tigers. The final individual scores saw Shawn Lee in 2nd place, Shin Young in 6th place, and Yeryeon Seo in 7th place. All the mathletes should be proud of their accomplishments in this challenging competition.

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Republic Day

This year’s Republic Day the middle school celebrated the Unity in Diversity that has held together the people of this largest democracy in the world on the anniversary of adopting its constitution. Students enjoyed a 40-minute assembly in the gym and were entertained by three different dance performing groups. Enjoy the presentation and the photos below, and have a wonderful Republic Day!
Thank you Ms. Lowen for a wonderful celebration of India!

Republic Day Presentation

World Language Week

The last week of December was World Language Week. World Language Week is a chance and opportunity to learn more about the cultures of the people from the countries where the language is spoken. It’s about taking the time to engage in detailed and in-depth study about the importance of connecting to people.

During lunch, on we had special activities that let us participate in fun activities related to the cultures of the people from the countries of the language you study.

World Language week is composed of three main pieces:

  1. An in-school research project during World Language classes;

  2. An at-home cooking experience that is used for a bake sale for charity;

  3. Fun lunchtime activities that showcase the diversity and beauty of various languages.  The following days are when the language classes will have their bake sale.

Monday – French bake sale, Karaoke Activity

Tuesday – Mandarin Bake Sale, Lion Dance Activity

Wednesday – Spanish Bake Sale, Quiz Bowl Activity

Thursday – EAL Bake Sale, Cascarones Activity

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