Leadership Seminar #2

This past Saturday after a night of dancing, ping pong, movies, food and winterland fun, around 60 students gathered in the Hall of Peace for our second leadership seminar of the year. This Leadership Seminar focused on servant leadership. Students discussed the role leaders take to serve others and how their efforts start with empathy. They engaged in many activities throughout the morning. A big thanks to our Leadership Seminar planners, Mr. Webster and Ms. Lockwood and our chaperones Ms. Takizawa, Ms. Hatten, Ms. Dunmire and Ms. Gamette. A great morning of learning and fun!

Bullying Prevention in the Middle School

In preparation for WOW, Mr. Asher and Ms. Coady have been working with all MS students through their PE classes to raise awareness around how negative body language and excluding behaviors can be very damaging to students on the receiving end of these behaviors.  Some conversations they had: What can you do if someone is being mean to you? What is the difference between an “Upstander” and a “Bystander”?  What can you do if you notice mean or excluding behavior within your friendship group?  What’s one way you can make sure everyone in your tent group feels included during WOW?

In addition to conversation, students also watched the following video:

The important take aways from the sessions:

  • It is never okay to be mean.  Never.
  • At AES we treat people with dignity. Always.
  • We stand up when people are not treated with dignity.

Additionally, the School Climate Committee and Peer Facilitators will be a hosting a movie night for students and parents. The movie is a documentary called “The Bully Project” and will be shown on Friday, October 23rd at 5:00pm in the MS Studio for students and a nearby classroom for parents. You can see the trailer below.