A Painted Canvas-Colors of Life MS/HS Dance production

On April 1st, Our MS/HS dance students performed in the theater for their spring recital. About the production:

Yellow, blue, red,

mix them well and you have a 


Feeling, characteristics, and things,

each color has so much that it


Can you imagine a life without 


Eras passing by,

No blue wathers and sky…

Can’t miss spring, summer, autumn 

and winter.

Moving from one shade to another.

Welcome to the Hue-Man life moving 

and grooving through our 

technicolor glasses.

The production was directed by Ms. Revati Khattar and our student directors were Surya K and Jasmin H. MS dancers included Yuval B, Iseult B, Emily K, Katelyn F, Shivansh V, Noor C, Abi K, Yael M, Eliza O, Tara P, Rakel M, Rowenna W, Francisca M, Kirsi K, OJ K, Kyra P, Kunal S, Emily W and Gisele A.

Thanks to all for an unforgettable evening of dance!


Nutty Nut Dance Performance

On December 5th, Briar Chatterjea offered a wonderful experience for AES families: an interactive dance workshop/performance.

Parents and students danced to bring the magic of the Nutcracker Alive @ AES. They drifted and swayed like a snowflake to Tchaikovsky’s score. They skittered, slashed and saluted in the battle of the mice and soldiers.

The AES Nutty Nut Family Dance reflected our community with a Bollywood piece offered by HS Dance Reach Out with our Vivekenand neighbors and more.

Nutty Nut BOllywood Nutty Nut Clara Soldiers Nutty Nut Mother Ginger

MS Social: Halloween Theme!

Energy levels were high for the first MS Social of the year. With black and orange and plenty of spooky decorations, students had fun dancing, playing table tennis, watching movies and hanging out with friends. Socials are a great opportunity to build community and have fun. There was also a fun costume competition with winners being a witch, a break dancer and the grand prize to a washing machine!

Dance Exploratory & Kindergarten

Sixth Grade Dance Exploratory students discover the ABC’s of dance and share their learning with KG students. Students participated in a lecture demonstration on American Social Dance genres such as the Lindy Hop, the Charleston and Hip Hop. KG and 6th grade partners tried out some of those Moves to Master in a Free Dance Party. Here Sixth grade students drew reflections to music linked with on Laban’s 8 Basic Effort Qualities.

photo 1