Charging Tanks

The students were given a task to make robot designs that looked like charging tanks and could move over rugged surface with ease.  The students  made sure that their bots were well above the ground level in order to save them from dirt and scratches. They used treads to protect the wheels used. Each student came up with a unique design for tankbot. Student tested their bots in the rock garden and the video demonstrates that.  Enjoy!


Mr. McDavitt and Ms. Minkley recently travelled with many middle school students to Shanghai for a MUN Conference. Students held themselves maturely, dressed like diplomats and debated complex issues, such as the militarization of the Global Commons and the political transition of Northern Africa. At SHASMUN, the quality of debate is particularly high because the conference is open to both MS and HS delegates. Despite being in large committees with older students, our students did exceptionally well, debating with authority and passion. Several other teachers and committee Chairs commented about how prepared, diplomatic, and well-spoken they were.
Every student should be commended for their preparation, collaborative spirit, and proactive participation.
Thanks to Tanush and Ahaan for making a video of our trip.

Robotics Class

This video shows the Robotics students’ independent work. This was their culminating project where they came up with a bot design and steps for maneuvering. The students were expected to start the bot design from scratch without using any building manual. They were given 4-6 classes to accomplish this project. Check out their amazing work!!!

Create Your Own Elective

Imagine you have 85 minutes every other day to learn about something you were really passionate about. What would you spend that time learning? Coding? Movie-making? Writing a story? In this elective, students have that opportunity. In C.Y.O., students design and manage their own learning experiences with guidance from Mr. Kuehn. After identifying their interests, Mr. Kuehn and the student locate resources to help develop a plan, connect with mentors and experts, and design a way to showcase the work. 

This week, Akira Douglas and Nahuel Jimenez Pol shared their Experiments with Liquid Dynamics. Check out the video below. Enjoy!

MUN Refugee Debate

Our Model United Nations students are busy debating a very important topic.. This week their research comes to life. Throughout their MUN course,  students’ have increased their knowledge of world issues, as well as their growing research, speaking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It’s inspiring to watch their development!

This week, students are engaging in their final summative debate on the human rights of refugees in Europe. They are following United Nations protocol and they are impressive!
Check out our photos!