Create Your Own Elective

Imagine you have 85 minutes every other day to learn about something you were really passionate about. What would you spend that time learning? Coding? Movie-making? Writing a story? In this elective, students have that opportunity. In C.Y.O., students design and manage their own learning experiences with guidance from Mr. Kuehn. After identifying their interests, Mr. Kuehn and the student locate resources to help develop a plan, connect with mentors and experts, and design a way to showcase the work. 

This week, Akira Douglas and Nahuel Jimenez Pol shared their Experiments with Liquid Dynamics. Check out the video below. Enjoy!

MUN Refugee Debate

Our Model United Nations students are busy debating a very important topic.. This week their research comes to life. Throughout their MUN course,  students’ have increased their knowledge of world issues, as well as their growing research, speaking, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. It’s inspiring to watch their development!

This week, students are engaging in their final summative debate on the human rights of refugees in Europe. They are following United Nations protocol and they are impressive!
Check out our photos!


Robotics students (from Period 3 and 8) did some exciting challenges in the semester 2 elective, and they experimented with their robots in the classroom and outside in the rock garden. Enjoy these videos that show these students celebrating their work.

Digital Age Literacy – Protect, Learn, Respect and Balance

Students in 6th grade Digital Age Literacy Exploratory have been discussing and working on elements of digital citizenship in class. Students worked in groups and came up with videos that dealt with Protect, Learn, Respect and Balance.

Here are two video that emphasize “Protect”.

Alessia, Suhan and Harsh:

Shiv, Vishnu and Eric: