6th Grade WOW Kickoff

On Thursday, all three grade levels in the whole middle school inspired the excitement for the month ahead – our upcoming WOW trips! Check out these photos of the first 6th grade wow meeting: Swimming, nature walks, elephants …oh my! The sixth grade theme is ” disconnect to connect”.

7th Grade Advisory

In 7th grade advisory, students and their advisors have been developing their group identity, and exploring what it means to be an advisory member. To put these skills into practice, advisory groups had to decide on an advisory name, and then ‘present’ that name to the other groups. We had an amazing showcase of acting, singing and dancing as we learned who the groups are. Take a look at these awesome advisory group names:
Mr. Freil’s advisory: Captain Underpants and the Dangerous Diapers
Ms. Pupovac’s advisory: Toasty Pterodactyls
Mr. Citrino’s advisory: Turtles of Tomorrow
Ms. Burrows’ adivsory: B squared’s  Bubbly-Goal-Setting-Pink Tigers
Ms. Pravin’s advisory: Pravin’s Peaceful Pandas
Ms. Henderson’s advisory: Gnarly Narwhals
Ms. Minkley’s advisory: Macho Moustached Mario Mushroom Minkleys
Mr. Melgaard’s advisory: Magical Mystery Melgaards
Mr. Jacobine’s advisory: J-Dawgs
Ms. Li’s advisory: Tiger-Headed Cookie Monsters
Ms. Citrino’s adviosry: Cha-cha Pineapples
Dr. Fraizer’s advisory: Fancy Fraziers
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6th Grade ET – Magic Carpet Ride

Sixth grade spent a recent Enrichment Time (ET) going over what our upcoming MS Social is all about. The Sci Fi Social is the first MS event of the year where students can spend some great time with their friends. We have previously called this an MS Dance. We changed the name this year, since there is so much more than music and dancing – there will be lots of fun activities like watching movies, playing games, spending time with your friends, and continuing to build and connect within our community. There will be a snack counter open for purchases so please keep some cash.  Permission slips will be given out to students this week. Check out the work that our sixth grade team did to talk with students about what the Sci Fi Social is all about.

After the individual sessions, the whole sixth grade came together for a team-building challenge – to get all members of the advisory from one side of the carpet and flip it without anyone stepping off the carpet. Check out the fun photos:

7th Grade Passport Activity

Last week in the seventh grade, students completed a Passport Activity with their advisory groups. This activity included students going all around the school to familiarize themselves with the faces and places at AES, as well as work together as a team. They all had to hold onto a jumprope for their entire adventure!

6th Grade ET (Enrichment Time)

In the middle school, students meet for Advisory four days a week for twenty minutes. Advisory serves to:

  • be a flexible, dynamic response/place to support issues/concerns that arise in the middle school or grade level (ex: ask.fm, gossip)
  • increase a sense of belonging, connectedness and community
  • support and facilitate social-emotional learning in our students, such as empathy – who they are in groups, how they feel about who they are, deepening awareness
  • support and guide students as they develop academic learning habits, such as organization, goal setting and learning strategies
  • provide opportunities for curriculum integration
  • support and promote the school mission statement
  • help students become responsible decision-makers – academic, social, digital, etc.

A couple of times a month, we extend the advisory meeting to an hour, which we call ET, or Enrichment Time. This extra time allows for extended activities and digging deeper into different conversations and activities.

The first 2 weeks of school, we have a special ET schedule each day, to provide support for students as they are establishing their beliefs and norms in their classes, receiving iPads and learning about Digital Citizenship, reviewing the MS Handbook, and rolling out our grading system.

Check out these great photos of our 6th grade students engaging in some fun team building at a Community Meeting they held during one of these ETs.









Holi ET

On Friday March 14th we were able to enjoy a lovely Holi Enrichment Time as a middle school to celebrate the festival of colors! Ms. Lowen arranged for a informative and interesting presentation in an all-MS assembly prior to students flying kites, enjoying yummy jalebis and then playing holi with flower petals. It was a great way to get in the spirit of this fun Indian holiday on the day before spring break.

March 7th ET (Enrichment Time)

Today the middle school had a very active and engaging ET for all three grade levels. Ask your child about these meaningful discussions and activities!

In the sixth grade, students continued their conversation about community, extending and deepening to the idea of how we can fix problems that might arise in our community – relating to the idea of service.

IMG_0710The seventh grade hosted students from Aanchal School, for their second of three interactions with these students. A great experience for everyone!

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The eighth grade kicked of the Independent Investigation portion of the Population Project.


Assembly and ET – January 2014

We have had a great first week back to school in 2014!

At our assembly this Wednesday we were forunate to hear the talented group The Fireants perform. They are visiting our school from Wyoming and will be performing again on Friday night for the community as a part of our visiting artist series.


On Thursday, we had our first ET (Enrichment TIme) of 2014. Advisory program meets on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for 20 minutes. About twice a month, we have an extended hour session with students, by grade level, to take on larger tasks and activities.

The sixth grade gathered in the Hall of Peace and had fun contests between advisories, such as ‘Who has the widest eyes?’ and ‘Who is the best at having the shortest pinkie finger?’ Students were laughing and have a great time!

IMG_0599 IMG_0601 IMG_0600

Seventh grade students relaxed and read for half of their time, and then did fun team building activities on the MS Field.

IMG_0592 IMG_0593

The 8th grade kicked off the Population project in the MS Studio. Several 9th grade students visited to answer 8th grade student questions.

IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0598


It has been a busy and fun and learning-packed week in the AES MS!

7th Grade Kindergarten Buddies

In 7th grade advisory, our overarching theme is empathy– and learning how to get better at it!  During this week’s ET, 7th graders had the opportunity to practice empathy when we paired up with our AES kindergarten buddies. We broke up into smaller groups, and worked together on different activities: building, balancing, creating… all with the aim of 7th graders developing their empathy skills. Our 7th graders reflected on their own kindergarten experiences, and then planned the activities that they thought would be enjoyable for the KG students.. In return, the KG students benefited from developing a relationship with their older 7th grade buddies that we hope to continue over the year.

Check out the slideshow below of all the fun they had: