Grade 7 Science Catapults

Grade 7 Science teachers, Mr. Margenau and Dr. Frazier brought their students to the makerspace today to build catapults. The goal in building the catapults was accuracy and not distance. Students implemented the Design-Thinking process of planning, testing, modifying, testing, modifying…etc. Students will use their catapults next week to test their accuracy in launching clay balls!

Speech and Debate–A unique practice!!

Students in Ms. Capozzoli’s Speech and Debate class were charged with working on pausing, diction, emphasis and how to draw an audience back in that was quickly losing interest in their story or speech. They were also working on assessing the needs of their audience and how to tailor what they were saying so that it struck a chord with the audience. What better way to practice all of these things but go to a kindergarten classroom for reading time. Great practice and great fun had by all. The kids can’t wait to go back and the kindergarteners can’t wait to have them come back!!

Design and Technical Theater in the MakerSpace

Ms. Rogers’ Design and Technical Theater class is busy in the Middle School Makerspace preparing props and in our tech lab designing the program and printing tickets using the  InDesign program.  This MS play, “30 Reasons NOT to be in a play” opens in the AES theater on October 11th! Stay tuned for announcements about ticket sales and timings and make sure to notice all of the detail work with the set and props!! Great to see so many students involved in all areas of our theater program. Mark your calendars!

Water Displacement Activity in Science 6

Grade 6 students were asked to bring their swimsuits–to Science!!  They participated in a “Human Displacement Lab” activity where they had the opportunity to get into a large displacement can to measure their volume using the water displacement method. A powerful way to demonstrate this by actually being a part of it. Also fun on a hot afternoon!

Welcome Back Pool Party 2017

A wonderful Middle School tradition is to end the first week of school with an all Middle School pool party.  Snacks, pizza, and ice cream as well as diving, flips, inner tubes and noodles. One of the teachers even showed the kids the art of the belly flop. It was a great way to reconnect with friends and teachers, meet new friends and celebrate the opening of the 1718 school year. A big thanks to our incredible pool staff for keeping us safe and Mr. Ahluwalia for feeding us!!

HOPE Club Trip with Santa!

On Saturday, December 10th, the HOPE Club visited the Tigri School. And they brought a special visitor – Santa Claus!!

The HOPE Club used funds raised from the World Language Bake Sale to purchase socks that were wrapped and gifted to the students. Check out the fun and wonderful work that our middle school students are doing on the weekend!

MESAC Badminton

Last weekend, MESAC Badminton traveled to Abu Dhabi to compete in the end-of-season tournament. The varsity team won the championship and the JV team stood second. This is the first for any varsity team at AES in last five years except Varsity Badminton in 2012-13 to win a gold.
This year, apart from championship they are the lone overall sportsmanship award winners (both girls and boys, JV and Varsity) out of other Badminton teams: 16.3 was the standard this year.
The team did an outstanding job this year…Take a look.

Varsity Overall: Championship
Boys: Champion
Girls: Second place

JV Overall: Second Place
Boys: Champions
Girls: Fourth place

Varsity Individual competition Golds:
Ankit- Boys Singles seed # 1
Vlad & Vasant – Boys Doubles

Varsity Individual Silver:
Pascal & Linn – Mixed Doubles

Varsity Individual competition Bronze:
Nidhi & Saloni – Girls Doubles
Soham – Boys Singles # 2

JV Individual competition Gold:
Jhujhar – Boys Singles seed # 1
Vir & Anant – Boys Doubles

JV Individual competition Bronze:
Kailash – Singles seed # 2
Neil & Sue Yeon – Mixed Doubles
Jasmine – Girls singles # 1

Congrats to Coach Atul Sharma, Coach Madhu Kapoor and the Badminton teams!

Have a look at the pics from the event:
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First ever Raspberry JAM!

On Wednesday, April 6th, we held our first ever Raspberry Jam! Students in our Raspberry Pi club presented the projects that they have been working on with their Raspberry Pis. What is a Raspberry Pi? This is a credit card sized computer that can be programmed in many different ways. The projects were diverse and  the passion for their projects was obvious. Projects included, motion detectors that turned on a camera, motion detectors that took a picture and emailed it to you, a selfie machine, an intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, a Raspberry Pi programmed to drum, one to complete a maze and one to create a story.  Some students will continue to work on projects in a self-directed Advanced Pi club this final quarter. Mr. Carlson, the Assistant Director of Technology, documented the club’s activities here. Kudos to all of the students who gave this a try, Thank you to  Mr. Coyle, Director of Technology, for his support for the project. Thanks also goes to Ms. Coyle and Ms. Schmid, our MS admin team who encouraged the project and supported the kids. Thanks to the Student Enrichment Fund committee, consisting of admin, teachers, board members and Mr. Chmelik, the director, for funding the project that will continue next year as well!

Raspberry Pi-Week #2 included robot coding!

This week the club members programmed their pis to be turtles, move in a square and also programmed the pi to ask questions and react to the answers.  Next week, we move into speaking robots.  Lots of fun and lots of great thinking happening. Hoping to have more students experience the Raspberry Pi during the 4th quarter.

Raspberry Pi Club!

Raspberry Pi Club started today. A big thanks to our PSA for the grant to have this club and to Mr. Carlson, our Assistant Director of Technology for designing and running the course.  Today students learned about their credit card size computer, logged in, installed a new operating system and got the internet up and running on their monitors. We are really excited to see what students come up with during the course of the club.  Please follow Mr. Carlson’s blog if you want to learn more about what is happening in the club!