Service Learning Day- Grade 6

For Service Learning Day in 6th grade, students participated in a variety of activities to get them thinking about service. The purpose of the day was to become aware of the consequences of acting out of self-interest versus acting in the interest of others and to begin thinking about the ways that they can become agents of change. Students particpated in an eye-opening simulation called “the ice cream simulation”, they had an opportunity to reflect. Grade 6 held a town hall meeting and then each advisory did some service research and at the end of the day they were given chalk to write some inspirational quotes of something that resonated with them. Students reported a fun day of learning! A special thanks to Ms. Guggisberg for her planning and the Grade 6 teachers and TAs who helped to make the day a success.

Middle School Service Learning Day–Grade 7

On March 28th, the entire AES Middle School suspended classes for the day and focused on service learning. In Grade 7, that meant an additional interaction with the special needs school located in Malcha Marg. The kids met in Nehru Park for games and a picnic. You can see by the photos below how much fun the students from both schools had during the exchange!! We will host these students at AES on April 11th. If you are a 7th grade parent and would like to volunteer, please contact team leaders Jeni Henderson( or Tracy Willcott(

Thanks so much to Ms. Henderson and Ms. Willcott for their tireless dedication to this awesome program and to all of the 7th grade advisors and TAs for making this an extra special event for all involved.

Shanti Concerts

It is concert season at AES! Last week our incredible AES musicians performed in the annual Shanti concerts. Under the direction of Ms. Boyadzhieva, Mr. Boyadzhiev and Ms. Bolton, our choir, band and orchestra delighted audiences filled with parents, teachers and friends.  Thanks to our incredible music department!!

ASIAC soccer! A great weekend!

On October 12-14, our boys and girls ASIAC teams traveled to Chennai to compete in our yearly ASIAC soccer competition. Three school compete; The American School of Bombay, The American International School of Chennai and the American Embassy School of Delhi. Each school has 2 boys teams and 2 girls teams. Our boys teams placed first and fifth and our girls teams placed third and fourth.

Overall, it was a great weekend and our hosts at the American Intennational School in Chennai were so welcoming. We made lots of new friends, played great soccer and had a lot of fun.


Samosa Activity in the MS Cafeteria

Samosa is a very popular Indian snack in India. It’s usually stuffed with mashed potatoes and deep fried.

Delhi Out and About exploratory tried their hands at making samosas in the MS Cafeteria and it turned out be a fun activity. Check out the photo gallery

8th grade students make Apple Pies!

Every year, our 8th grade team works on team building and on fostering collaboration in their advisories. This year was no different, in fact, this year, 8th grade advisories also made advisory slogans and represented themselves as a group on an Advisory t-shirt made in the makerspace and in their Advisory classrooms. From “Dodd’s Dragons” to “De Olivez” to “Part of a larger breakfast” students came up with creative ways to represent their advisory group. On Thursday, August 31st, students brought supplies and “secret ingredients” and made Apple pie crusts and fillings. The next day, a panel of judges, including Ms. Clifton, our new principal, the counselors and the Grade 6 and 7 team leads gave out awards like “best crust”, “best filling”, “Overall best” and the most sought after awards “most likely to be used in a pie-throwing contest”and “train wreck”. Fun, laughter, team building and bonding abounded. Middle School at AES is a great place to be!

Photo Credit: Leonie Broekstra

Moving Up Ceremony! Grade 8

It was a great way to celebrate the end of the school year and to honor and recognize the hard work that these incredible students have done in school. The ceremony was very nice and the after party of taco bars, dancing and swimming was awesome!! Thanks to all of the 8th grade teachers for all they did this year to make it the best year yet! A special thanks to Mr. Currey, Ms. Strever and Mr. Webster for making the ceremony extra special.

Leadership Seminar #4 Assertive Leadership

On Saturday, May 19th, the MS held their fourth and final leadership seminar of the year. This seminar focused on Assertive leadership; how to do what’s right and keep friends. Students from Each One Teach One also attended the seminar and brought a lot of fun and energy to the morning. Students participated in several icebreakers and team building activities and returned to a seminar favorite “four on a couch”. Lots of great discussion on being assertive to do what’s right and still maintain friendships. A special thank you to Mr. Webster and Ms. Lockwood who organized the event and to Ms. Capozzoli, Ms. Cullen, Mr. de Oliveira and Ms. Dunmire who came along to assist and chaperone the event!! And to parent Roopi Saran who organized the Each One Teach One visit.


The 7th grade students worked very hard over the course of the year exploring a self-selected, independent topic.  They  researched, investigated, designed, tested, created and mastered these topics. The showcase yesterday in the gym was an opportunity to celebrate their learning and accomplishments. Students investigated the science of cars, paper airplanes, Air Quality causes and solutions, air flow, how a cotton candy machine works and many other topics. The gym was packed with students, parents and teachers excited to hear about their projects. A huge thanks to their Science teachers Mr. Margenau and Dr. Frazier for believing in this project and guiding the students through their investigations!

Art Highlights!

Students in MS Art participated  in a stencil project. Please see below for highlights on the art process. AES Middle School is so fortunate to have an incredible Visual Arts program led by Ms. Strever and Ms. Willcott.

In this stencil project, we had to make a stencil about a certain world issue. After choosing, we would make a few thumbnails for the stencil and the background. After that, we used Adobe Sketch along with a few photos to make a stencil, making sure that all whites were connected and that lines were thick. Then. we printed and laminated them, cut them out with exacto knives (cutting out the black) and worked on our backgrounds. Here, we painted or modge podged them (or both). Then, we had a few practice spray paints before finally spraying them on our boards.

The goal of this project was to make a meaningful piece of resistance art, that would portray this message without words. As this art is usually in the form of spray paint because that is how it is most impactful, ours was in spray paint too.