AES Grade 7 hosts the 2nd Aanchal visit!

Our grade 7 advisories welcomed Aanchal school students and teachers for a second visit to AES on Thursday during Enrichment Time. Parent volunteers, AES volunteers, Advisors and the entire grade 7 class prepared activities and games. Please see the photos below for what was obviously fun for all involved. Now that the Aanchal students have visited a 2nd time,  they are reuniting with good friends and the excitement doubles!!! Add this and bringing out the parachutes…non-stop fun.  A HUGE thank you to our grade 7 team, led by Mr. Babcock and Ms. Henderson, for working with the grade 7 students and planning such special events.

Aanchal School visits AES!

Our Grade 7 Advisory program has been focused on empathy this year. Students have worked with Kindergarten buddies and today they started work with the Aanchal Special Needs school located in Malcha Marg. 150 students from Aanchal came to campus with their teachers during our Enrichment Time. Our grade 7 teachers, many grade 7 parents, many of our MS teaching assistants and our grade 7 students worked with our visitors playing games, doing activities and having a snack together. It was a wonderful day on the MS field. A special thank you to our Grade 7 team leaders Ms. Henderson and Mr. Babcock, who worked hard to coordinate the visit. Gauging by the smiles on everyone’s faces, it was a successful event all around! Thanks to the 7th grade Advisors for the great photos!!


Math Counts–Cairo!

From February 8 to February 12 Mr. Miyata and Ms. Naggea accompanied 9 Middle School students to the MathCounts competition in Cairo, Egypt. Students had an opportunity to compete in a Bee style Math competition and even had a chance to visit the Great Pyramids of Giza! An unforgettable trip that brought home great memories and first place finishes for both individuals and teams! Excellent!

The following students participated:  Jaeha H., Aarav C, Yubin C, Keshav S, Marin H, Nikita H, Rahul V, Sagar C, Suyeon K



Harry Potter Extravaganza!

Today’s Middle School Enrichment Time for 7th grade was a wonderful community building event. Students have been reading Harry Potter in their Grade 7 Humanities classes as a lens through which to study resistance and empathy. Students have been “sorted” into houses and today grade 7 played a rousing game of Quidditch followed by a luncheon with Hogwarts Roast Chicken and several other Harry Potter specific lunch items. It was fun for all and  students and teachers enjoyed the event. Students were heard talking about the competition and the feast for hours after. A true sign of success and a wonderful way to start off a three-day weekend. See below for photos. A shout out to our amazing teacher photographer, Ms. Lockwood.

Design and Technical Theater in the MakerSpace

Ms. Rogers’ Design and Technical Theater class is busy in the Middle School Makerspace preparing props and in our tech lab designing the program and printing tickets using the  InDesign program.  This MS play, “30 Reasons NOT to be in a play” opens in the AES theater on October 11th! Stay tuned for announcements about ticket sales and timings and make sure to notice all of the detail work with the set and props!! Great to see so many students involved in all areas of our theater program. Mark your calendars!

Water Displacement Activity in Science 6

Grade 6 students were asked to bring their swimsuits–to Science!!  They participated in a “Human Displacement Lab” activity where they had the opportunity to get into a large displacement can to measure their volume using the water displacement method. A powerful way to demonstrate this by actually being a part of it. Also fun on a hot afternoon!

Welcome Back Pool Party 2017

A wonderful Middle School tradition is to end the first week of school with an all Middle School pool party.  Snacks, pizza, and ice cream as well as diving, flips, inner tubes and noodles. One of the teachers even showed the kids the art of the belly flop. It was a great way to reconnect with friends and teachers, meet new friends and celebrate the opening of the 1718 school year. A big thanks to our incredible pool staff for keeping us safe and Mr. Ahluwalia for feeding us!!

HOPE Club Trip with Santa!

On Saturday, December 10th, the HOPE Club visited the Tigri School. And they brought a special visitor – Santa Claus!!

The HOPE Club used funds raised from the World Language Bake Sale to purchase socks that were wrapped and gifted to the students. Check out the fun and wonderful work that our middle school students are doing on the weekend!

MESAC Badminton

Last weekend, MESAC Badminton traveled to Abu Dhabi to compete in the end-of-season tournament. The varsity team won the championship and the JV team stood second. This is the first for any varsity team at AES in last five years except Varsity Badminton in 2012-13 to win a gold.
This year, apart from championship they are the lone overall sportsmanship award winners (both girls and boys, JV and Varsity) out of other Badminton teams: 16.3 was the standard this year.
The team did an outstanding job this year…Take a look.

Varsity Overall: Championship
Boys: Champion
Girls: Second place

JV Overall: Second Place
Boys: Champions
Girls: Fourth place

Varsity Individual competition Golds:
Ankit- Boys Singles seed # 1
Vlad & Vasant – Boys Doubles

Varsity Individual Silver:
Pascal & Linn – Mixed Doubles

Varsity Individual competition Bronze:
Nidhi & Saloni – Girls Doubles
Soham – Boys Singles # 2

JV Individual competition Gold:
Jhujhar – Boys Singles seed # 1
Vir & Anant – Boys Doubles

JV Individual competition Bronze:
Kailash – Singles seed # 2
Neil & Sue Yeon – Mixed Doubles
Jasmine – Girls singles # 1

Congrats to Coach Atul Sharma, Coach Madhu Kapoor and the Badminton teams!

Have a look at the pics from the event:
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First ever Raspberry JAM!

On Wednesday, April 6th, we held our first ever Raspberry Jam! Students in our Raspberry Pi club presented the projects that they have been working on with their Raspberry Pis. What is a Raspberry Pi? This is a credit card sized computer that can be programmed in many different ways. The projects were diverse and  the passion for their projects was obvious. Projects included, motion detectors that turned on a camera, motion detectors that took a picture and emailed it to you, a selfie machine, an intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, a Raspberry Pi programmed to drum, one to complete a maze and one to create a story.  Some students will continue to work on projects in a self-directed Advanced Pi club this final quarter. Mr. Carlson, the Assistant Director of Technology, documented the club’s activities here. Kudos to all of the students who gave this a try, Thank you to  Mr. Coyle, Director of Technology, for his support for the project. Thanks also goes to Ms. Coyle and Ms. Schmid, our MS admin team who encouraged the project and supported the kids. Thanks to the Student Enrichment Fund committee, consisting of admin, teachers, board members and Mr. Chmelik, the director, for funding the project that will continue next year as well!