Raspberry Pi-Week #2 included robot coding!

This week the club members programmed their pis to be turtles, move in a square and also programmed the pi to ask questions and react to the answers.  Next week, we move into speaking robots.  Lots of fun and lots of great thinking happening. Hoping to have more students experience the Raspberry Pi during the 4th quarter.

Raspberry Pi Club!

Raspberry Pi Club started today. A big thanks to our PSA for the grant to have this club and to Mr. Carlson, our Assistant Director of Technology for designing and running the course.  Today students learned about their credit card size computer, logged in, installed a new operating system and got the internet up and running on their monitors. We are really excited to see what students come up with during the course of the club.  Please follow Mr. Carlson’s blog if you want to learn more about what is happening in the club!


POP Speakers Day

Thursday was a great day for 8th graders studying the Population Project.

Speakers from diverse backgrounds engaged our students with presentations and question/answer sessions that expanded and deepened their understanding.

Follow this link to the Guest Speakers page to see what they shared with us!

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–This post is credited to Mr. Coleman and Mr. Currey. Find more information about the Population Project at this link.

HOPE Club Trip to Tigri School

The MS HOPE Club had a very nice trip on Saturday to the Hope Foundation School in Tigri. They led science/math activities (magnets, balancing, and tangrams) with 24 kids.

The Tigri kids rarely have opportunities for “hands-on” science. They pretty much loved all of it. The director of the school hopes we can expand on science in the future!

It was so exciting that our AES girls were fostering an interest in science and math for the Indian girls at the Tigri School. It was also delightful to see our AES kids reach new understanding of phenomena themselves as they arranged activities for the the children to interact with the materials and the ideas.

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Republic Day

This year’s Republic Day the middle school celebrated the Unity in Diversity that has held together the people of this largest democracy in the world on the anniversary of adopting its constitution. Students enjoyed a 40-minute assembly in the gym and were entertained by three different dance performing groups. Enjoy the presentation and the photos below, and have a wonderful Republic Day!
Thank you Ms. Lowen for a wonderful celebration of India!

Republic Day Presentation

Hope Club Halloween Trip

For the 18 October trip with a Halloween theme, the m.s. Hope Club members played Trick and Treat with students from Tigri School. Each child would draw a “trick” from a pumpkin (directions for a silly skit or stunt). After performing for the entire class, the “tricker” would get a treat. Then children all made masks. A great time with much laughter and many smiles.

Visiting Cellist Christian Pierre LaMarca

Visiting cellist, Christian Pierre LaMarca, performed on a Stradivarius earlier this week at the Imperial Hotel.  His teacher was Rostropovich; in soccer it would be like have Jose Maurinho be your private coach.

Fortunately, on behalf of Alliance Francaise, LaMarca was able to come to AES for a special workshop with our strings students, working especially with the cellists. This amazing artist presented and interacted with the MS strings kids in the theater. A wonderful music opportunity!
Shaila and Alessia watch M. LaMarca

Alessia Montecalvo and Shaila Prasad enjoy the workshop with Christian Pierre LaMarca.

7th Grade Advisory

In 7th grade advisory, students and their advisors have been developing their group identity, and exploring what it means to be an advisory member. To put these skills into practice, advisory groups had to decide on an advisory name, and then ‘present’ that name to the other groups. We had an amazing showcase of acting, singing and dancing as we learned who the groups are. Take a look at these awesome advisory group names:
Mr. Freil’s advisory: Captain Underpants and the Dangerous Diapers
Ms. Pupovac’s advisory: Toasty Pterodactyls
Mr. Citrino’s advisory: Turtles of Tomorrow
Ms. Burrows’ adivsory: B squared’s  Bubbly-Goal-Setting-Pink Tigers
Ms. Pravin’s advisory: Pravin’s Peaceful Pandas
Ms. Henderson’s advisory: Gnarly Narwhals
Ms. Minkley’s advisory: Macho Moustached Mario Mushroom Minkleys
Mr. Melgaard’s advisory: Magical Mystery Melgaards
Mr. Jacobine’s advisory: J-Dawgs
Ms. Li’s advisory: Tiger-Headed Cookie Monsters
Ms. Citrino’s adviosry: Cha-cha Pineapples
Dr. Fraizer’s advisory: Fancy Fraziers
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