6th Grade ET (Enrichment Time)

In the middle school, students meet for Advisory four days a week for twenty minutes. Advisory serves to:

  • be a flexible, dynamic response/place to support issues/concerns that arise in the middle school or grade level (ex: ask.fm, gossip)
  • increase a sense of belonging, connectedness and community
  • support and facilitate social-emotional learning in our students, such as empathy – who they are in groups, how they feel about who they are, deepening awareness
  • support and guide students as they develop academic learning habits, such as organization, goal setting and learning strategies
  • provide opportunities for curriculum integration
  • support and promote the school mission statement
  • help students become responsible decision-makers – academic, social, digital, etc.

A couple of times a month, we extend the advisory meeting to an hour, which we call ET, or Enrichment Time. This extra time allows for extended activities and digging deeper into different conversations and activities.

The first 2 weeks of school, we have a special ET schedule each day, to provide support for students as they are establishing their beliefs and norms in their classes, receiving iPads and learning about Digital Citizenship, reviewing the MS Handbook, and rolling out our grading system.

Check out these great photos of our 6th grade students engaging in some fun team building at a Community Meeting they held during one of these ETs.









Introducing our new teachers

While it is always sad to say goodbye to departing faculty and students, we are so fortunate to have some incredible new educators join our middle school!

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 4.56.39 PM

Josh Babcock: MS Math (grades 7 & 8); Mr. Babcock was teaching in Arizona last year.
Kenn Jacobine: MS Humanities (grade 7 and Money & Markets); Mr. Jacobine was in Qatar last year.
Kay Saich: MS Math (grade 8); Mrs. Saich was in Shanghai last year.
Michael Saich: MS Science (grade 6 & 7); Mr. Saich was in Shanghai last year.
Zoreen Velji: MS EAL Humanities (grade 8 & Performing Artist Series); Ms. Velji was a long term substitute for the MS last year.
Beth Burrows: MS Drama and Yearbook (all grades); Ms. Burrows comes to us from the ES.
Nancy Hills: MS Math (grade 6); Ms. Hills comes to us from the ES.
Jonah Rosenfield: MS Science (grade 7 & 8); Mr. Rosenfield comes to us from the HS.
Maureen Cullen: MS Technology Coordinator; Ms. Cullen comes to us from the HS
Linda Li: MS Mandarin (all grades); Ms. Li moved to Delhi from Saudi Arabia.
Pravin: EAL Support (Grade 6 & 8); Ms. Pravin was in both the MS and HS last year.
Doug Asher: Grade 6 & 7 Counselor; Mr. Asher was a counselor in Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Jan Cantrill: MS / HS School Psychologist; Dr. Cantrill was previously only in the high school.

Environmental Leadership Summit

On Friday and Saturday, April 25th and 26th, AES hosted five other schools (Modern School VV, Modern School Bharakamba, Pathways, Carmel Convent School, Vasant Valley), as well as about 20 of our own students, in an Environmental Leadership Summit. Dr. Marcus Eriksen inspired our students, and we again had Minar from the Vivekanand Camp help teach us about what is worth picking up, and what items are not worth picking up. Students then took a walk over to the camp to see the sorting of recycables in person. It was a great opportunity for students to learn first hand about the hard work of recycling our waste and understanding the importance of Smart Design when it comes to products.

On Saturday, students also heard from Chintan and Swecha, to further develop a deep understanding of the problem with waste, as well as make the connection with human welfare. Check out the great videos that Chintan shared at the bottom of this post. Very eye opening about the problem!

By the end of the day on Saturday, students had identified a product that wasn’t getting picked up, brainstormed alternatives, thought about their audience, created a PSA video, and thought about how they could craft a campaign to raise awareness and bring about change. Check out the next post to see the PSA videos.

Special thanks to Ms. Gulati for her planning, our visitors Marcus and Chris for their expertise, Ms. Lowen, Ms. Datta, and Dr. Frazier for their hard work and efforts to make the Summit a great success. And finally, thanks to the students for their enthusiasm, great ideas, and dedication to help protect our earth. Enjoy the photos below!

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7th Grade Earth Day

After a whole middle school assembly with Dr. Marcus Eriksen to kick off our Earth Day celebration, the seventh grade spent the afternoon on an environmental tour of the AES campus. Students visited the school nursery to focus on the school grounds, the high school tech hub to look at paper and recycling, the compost station to look at food waste, and the water filtration/sewage treatment plant to learn more about water usage.

On Thursday in ET, students further researched about water, waste & compost, and paper & packaging. Students started by completing a personal inventory and reflection about their own practices and consumption. They then worked together to follow Dr.  Erickson’s Three Step Cycle, primarily focusing on Step 1 to start.

  • STEP 1: Get the facts/ Do good Science
  • STEP 2: Tell the World/ Who is your audience
  • STEP 3: Make it stick


photo (1).JPG

photo (2).JPG

photo (3).JPG

photo (4).JPG

photo 4.JPG


photo 2 (1).JPG

Earth Day Kickoff Celebration with Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Videographer Chris Jones:

6th Grade Earth Day

After a whole middle school assembly with Dr. Marcus Eriksen to kick off our Earth Day celebration, the sixth grade spent the afternoon building awareness about the environmental impact of the AES community through the exploration of our use of a particular resource. Students came up with lots of wonderings and questions and thought about which questions would best be explored by…

…conducting quick research using web and print resources?

…crafting good questions to interview experts?

…taking measurements and collecting data?

They will continue to follow up on their research during ET (Enrichment Time) this Thursday.

IMG_9466 IMG_9467 IMG_9470




Students then posted their big takeaways and questions that they are puzzling about on the third floor hallway:

Earth Day Kickoff Celebration with Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Videographer Chris Jones:

7th Grade Special Day

Wednesday, we celebrated ourselves as a 7th grade, and really zoomed in and spent time on the topics that have been really important to us this year: Empathy, Service and Focus.
We spent a good part of the day working on our AES MS E-library project. We worked on creating audio/visual e-books for various schools/students throughout India. The purpose of this activity is to provide students who are learning English with the opportunity to hear, read and learn English more easily. Advisory groups had the opportunity to really think about and plan the best ways to create these e-books, and there were many creative final products!
We also spend time revisiting the topic of Focus, which is something we have talked about as a grade level this year. We reviewed why this is such an important skills for all of us to cultivate, and what makes it so hard to do in our daily life. We also had a chance to practice the skill of focusing– including taking part in a fun, fast-pacted and sometimes frustrating group focus challenge using K’nex, where we had to apply all that we have worked on with focus, empathy and working together as Advisories. It was a truly great day!
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March 7th ET (Enrichment Time)

Today the middle school had a very active and engaging ET for all three grade levels. Ask your child about these meaningful discussions and activities!

In the sixth grade, students continued their conversation about community, extending and deepening to the idea of how we can fix problems that might arise in our community – relating to the idea of service.

IMG_0710The seventh grade hosted students from Aanchal School, for their second of three interactions with these students. A great experience for everyone!

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The eighth grade kicked of the Independent Investigation portion of the Population Project.


ASIAC – Volleyball & Tennis

The ASIAC quarter 3 Tennis and Volleyball tournament kicked off this morning with an opening ceremony for all middle school students. The volleyball teams will follow this schedule.   Also, here is the tennis schedule.   Good luck to all of the teams!

Check out the photos below:

Night Before Christmas

Every year teachers perform ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in a skit for students on the last day of school before winter break. Enjoy the slideshow of pictures below. There were mice stirring, children playing, sugar plum fairies, reindeer and even Santa!

8th Grade ET (Enrichment Time) Neighborhood Walk

The advisory theme for 8th grade is “I’m Part of a Larger Something.”  This semester students have exploring expanding circles of ‘community’ and reflecting on their roles and responsibilities within each of these circles. Students have had opportunities to work collaboratively in both small and larger groups, to interview and gain more appreciation for the non-teaching staff that play a supportive but often overlooked role in the smooth functioning of the school, and to use their observation and photography skills exploring one of the neighborhoods surrounding AES. These activities support our theme and help prepare students for the upcoming Population Project (a multidisciplinary capstone project) in semester two.

Check out the slideshow below of their fun adventure: