Family Math Night!

Our incredible Math department each year hosts a Family Math Night. This year over 40 parents and their students gathered in the Hall of Peace to hear about Math Number talks and other strategies used in our Math program. Great for parents to get a glimpse of what is happening in our Math classrooms in the Middle School. Parents and students also had an opportunity to work on Math problems around the HOP, facilitated by our Middle School Math teachers. A big thanks to Mr. Fumi, Mr. Babcock, Ms. Naggea, Mr. Taub and Ms. Wood for their time effort and planning of this successful event! 

Family Math Night

The AES Middle School Math Team, parents and students enjoyed a wonderful Family Math Night on Tuesday, September 6th. Students and parents had fun opportunities for their brains to grow as they engaged in puzzling about math together. 

“The researchers found that when students were given problems to solve, and they did not know methods to solve them, but they were given opportunity to explore the problems, they became curious, and their brains were primed to learn new methods, so that when teachers taught the methods, students paid greater attention to them and were more motivated to learn them. The researchers published their results with the title “A Time for Telling,” and they argued that the question is not “Should we tell or explain methods?” but “When is the best time do this?”
― Jo BoalerMathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching

Some students think their role in math classrooms is to memorize all the steps and methods. Other students think their role is to connect ideas. These different strategies link, unsurprisingly, to achievement, and the students who memorize are the lowest achieving in the world.”
― Jo BoalerWhat’s Math Got to Do with It?: How Teachers and Parents Can Transform Mathematics Learning and Inspire Success
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Cup Stacking Challenge

Mr. Fumi tasked his 8th grade math students with the cup stacking challenge this morning. Given a couple of white styrofoam cups, students first shared: What do you notice? What do you wonder? They then needed to figure out how many cups would need to be stacked to reach Mr. Fumi’s height. Students are studying linear relationships and rate of change, and this example is a fun way to explore these concepts.

IMG_7440 IMG_7442 IMG_7444 IMG_7446 IMG_7447

Marshmallow Challenge

On the first day of math class, our sixth grade students in Mr. Amlani’s and Mr. Smith’s classes took part in the Marshmallow Challenge. This was an activity for students to come together and create a free standing structure with 20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti, 1 yard of masking tape, 1 yard of string, and a Marshmallow in only 18 minutes! As the students learned, the exercise really reveals some deep lessons and the importance of collaboration. Here some shots of the students on action:

IMG_0598 IMG_0633IMG_6675IMG_6678

And here is a great Ted Talk that discusses the value of this exercise:

Teacher Office Hours!

Our teachers are available to help students before and after school. Each teacher schedules office hours twice a week and students can stop in and ask questions, work on assessments and get extra help.

MathCounts 2016

Congratulations to our traveling MathCounts 2016 teams!  Our mathletes represented AES well at our recent chapter competition in Dubai.  Kargil Behl, grade 6, took top honors as the highest scoring individual overall.  Kargil battled face to face in a “sudden death” competition to win his individual gold medal.  Our Black and Gold teams also took 3rd place and 6th place out of 15 competing teams.

In addition to a weekend filled with Mathematics, we explored the Dubai Mall, saw the Burj Khalifa, made new friends,and spent time enjoying the sunshine at The Beach, Jumeirah.  As one participant commented, “This trip was about a lot more than Math!”  We are looking forward to the written State Competition to be given in March.  The top scoring four individuals from all international state-department sponsored schools will form the State Department team and participate in the National Mathcounts Competition in Washington, DC in early May.

Family Math Night

Thank you to all the families that came to our AES Annual Family Math Night. The MS math department loved watching you puzzle and play with math (even when your time was up!).
We know that some of you are on the edge of your seats for the answers to the Locker Problem:
All of the square number lockers are open.  These numbers all have an odd number of factors, i.e. 4 has 3 factors, 1,2, 4 so they end up open.  There is also a pattern to be found, between the square numbers the amount of closed lockers increases by 2.  Between 1 and 4 there are 3 closed lockers, between 4 and 9 there are 5, and on it goes.
Additionally, here’s the link to the Math Practices along with questions to ask for each standard to promote mathematical thinking.
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Shawn Lee Goes to MathCounts in Boston!

This year, I got the chance to attend the 2015 National MATHCOUNTS Competition that took place in Boston. 224 kids from around the world were invited to this event. I was part of the State Department team, which was composed of me, Rohan from Singapore, Jason from Hong Kong, and Joseph from Taiwan. Mr. Davis from Hong Kong was our coach. I arrived a day early and met Rohan first, and had dinner with him before my teammates arrived. I roomed with Joseph, the 7th grader from Taiwan. Although we were there for four days in total, the math competition part only took one day, and that definitely was not the best part of this trip. We got to explore Boston, like take a tour of Harvard and go to the Science Museum, and ate good food at Quincy Market. But I think that the best part of this trip was meeting all the cool people there and bonding with my team. I got to meet many MATHCOUNTS celebrities like Lou DiGioia and Richard Rusczyk, who most of you probably have no idea who these people are. I also traded state pins with almost all 50 states, plus 6 other teams invited to Nationals. Another awesome thing was all of the swag we got from MATHCOUNTS – a heat sensitive pencil, a hat, shades, a water bottle, earphones, and the most awesome of all- a TI-Nspire CX CAS! As for the actual competition, Kevin Liu from Illinois won the tournament, our team placed 41th out of 56, and individually I placed 174th out of 224. But that’s not what really matters in this tournament. I think that the experience of being in a place where there are 223 other people that share the same passion that you have for math is a life changing experience, that lets you make so many memories.

Written by: Shawn Lee

image4 image3 image2 image1

National MathCounts Competition!

Congratulations to AES grade eight student Si Hyun (Shawn) Lee who earned 1 of 4 spots at the 2015 MATHCOUNTS National Competition. Shawn will be member of the U.S. Department of State Team. To qualify for this prestigious honor, Shawn first had to have one of the top four scores at AES, and then one of the top four scores amongst students at international schools around the world. The 3 other students are from Hong Kong International School, Singapore American School, and Taipei American School and will meet Shawn in Boston, Massachusetts from May 7 to 10. Shawn will be one of only 224 students worldwide taking part in this special weekend that includes the competition as well as tours of the Boston area and a banquet honoring the mathletes. Shawn participated in MATHCOUNTS for each of his three years in the AES Middle School. In 2014 and 2015, he was a member of the winning team in the regional competition. AES has previously been represented at the MATHCOUNTS National Competition by Ju Yun Nam (2011) and Sejin Park (2012). We wish Shawn the best of luck next month in Boston!

IMG_2908 IMG_2910

AES Black Takes the Gold at MATHCOUNTS in Abu Dhabi

ACS Abu Dhabi played host this past weekend for the regional MATHCOUNTS competition. Fifty-four students from seven international schools (Delhi, Bombay, Chennai, Cairo, Abu Dhabi) took part, including eight students from the American Embassy School.

The competition was tight this year with strong students coming from around the region. In the end, AES Team Black took the top spot in commanding form. AES Team Black consisted of Shawn Lee, Shin Young Park, Yeong Seo Kim, and Yeryeon Seo. AES Team Gold missed 3rd place by the slimmest of margins. AES Team Gold consisted of Karan Chandra, Vir Narula, Gunho Park, and Jinyoung Jang.

AES had the highest number of students in the final Top 10 Countdown Round with three student representing the Tigers. The final individual scores saw Shawn Lee in 2nd place, Shin Young in 6th place, and Yeryeon Seo in 7th place. All the mathletes should be proud of their accomplishments in this challenging competition.

DSC_0049 DSC_0078