Reflecting Students

As we prepare for fall student-parent-teacher conferences, students are self-assessing, reflecting on their learning and identifying areas of strength, areas for growth, and creating a plan for future learning. It is so great to see students take ownership of their learning!

Check out the students from Mr. Rosenfield’s 8th grade science class below deep in thoughtful reflection:

photo 3

8th Grade Science

Students in Mr. Rosenfield’s Science 8 classes are applying their understanding of chemistry to help improve the water quality situation in India.  Provided with samples of water polluted with iron, sand, salt, and trash, students are designing a process to isolate pure samples of each pollutant and make a sample of water clean enough to drink.  Who knows where this learning will take them…

Science – Art & Graphing

In Dr. Frazier’s 7th Grade Science Class:

Three students decided to test the Vitruvian hypothesis that 10 hands = ones’ height–quite directly. Three spectator students are listening to the explanation. A real hand points to the handprint. This project to represent data visually (beyond the typical graphs–we had already covered) was very popular with the kids. Many named it as the most “exciting” part of science so far during parent conferences. This started with a big data set of measurements (from 76 kids)–and provided material for art-science tinkering and play. “Messing about” with data has very interesting possibilities that can go hand-in-hand with the direct investigation of phenomena.