First Hope Club Trip of the Year

The MS and HS Hope Club had their first trip on Saturday. Rino and Daniel represented the middle school on this trip.
Making friends and spreading happiness is what Hope Club is all about. Among the many benefits our visits bring to the Hope kids is the special opportunity to practice their English.
It would be wonderful to have a larger group of middle schoolers for the 15 October outing to Lodhi Gardens. 100 students from the Hope School are expected to meet us there. This trip is such a treat for the children from Hope School who rarely have the chance to travel outside their neighborhood. We will plan a variety of outdoor activities for them and treat them to a picnic. I hope AES Middle School can plan and run an activity station. One year m.s. students taught a karate routine and some dance moves. We have also led nature/tree/bird and butterfly walks. Last year we constructed kites, flew them and air pressure-water rockets (that had been built by AES 7th graders!). What are some ideas you all have? Talk with Dr. Frazier if you are interested in joining these great trips! Spread the word. Bring your classmates and friends.
Check out the photos below.
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Family Math Night

The AES Middle School Math Team, parents and students enjoyed a wonderful Family Math Night on Tuesday, September 6th. Students and parents had fun opportunities for their brains to grow as they engaged in puzzling about math together. 

“The researchers found that when students were given problems to solve, and they did not know methods to solve them, but they were given opportunity to explore the problems, they became curious, and their brains were primed to learn new methods, so that when teachers taught the methods, students paid greater attention to them and were more motivated to learn them. The researchers published their results with the title “A Time for Telling,” and they argued that the question is not “Should we tell or explain methods?” but “When is the best time do this?”
― Jo BoalerMathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching

Some students think their role in math classrooms is to memorize all the steps and methods. Other students think their role is to connect ideas. These different strategies link, unsurprisingly, to achievement, and the students who memorize are the lowest achieving in the world.”
― Jo BoalerWhat’s Math Got to Do with It?: How Teachers and Parents Can Transform Mathematics Learning and Inspire Success
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Independence Day Celebration

On Wednesday, August 17th, we used our weekly middle school assembly to celebrate India’s 70th Independence Day (August 15th). Students watched a brief video, heard about India’s path to Independence and then enjoyed a lovely performance by our middle school Teaching Assistants and office staff. Many students and faculty joined in the dancing fun. Check out the pictures and video below!
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Marshmallow Challenge

On the first day of math class, our sixth grade students in Mr. Amlani’s and Mr. Smith’s classes took part in the Marshmallow Challenge. This was an activity for students to come together and create a free standing structure with 20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti, 1 yard of masking tape, 1 yard of string, and a Marshmallow in only 18 minutes! As the students learned, the exercise really reveals some deep lessons and the importance of collaboration. Here some shots of the students on action:

IMG_0598 IMG_0633IMG_6675IMG_6678

And here is a great Ted Talk that discusses the value of this exercise:

First Week of School


We are ready to ‘Chart Our Course’ together as a middle school!

We have just completed a wonderful first week of school-year 2016-17! There was lots of excitement and positive energy on the first day. We kicked off the year with a middle school assembly, and our director, Ms. Stern, rang the new year in with an old New England school bell.

IMG_7377 IMG_7391

We ended the week by celebrating with a full middle school pool party.

IMG_7397 IMG_7401

7th Grade CIA Celebration

Dear almost-8th-grade students and families,

Thank you for such a wonderful CIA project! We saw some creative and innovative housing solutions from the different states of India. You can find our celebration slide show here  (A big shout out to Shaila Prasad for putting it together for us!).
The individual state presentation videos will go up on our youtube channel soon.
With very warm regards,
The Grade 7 Team

Moving Up Ceremony 2016

Friday, May 28th we celebrated our eighth grade students successfully completing middle school. The ceremony was be live streamed and it has now been converted into a link on You Tube:

And here are some pictures of the ceremony. Congratulations eighth grade students!!

Congrats to Team India Taekwondo Club!

Post written by Ms. Vernon, AES Taekwondo Instructor (and 5th grade teacher):

I wanted to update you on the incredible success “Team India” had at the European Taekwondo Camp and Championships in Cascais, Portugal this past weekend. Thirteen of us traveled to represent AES Taekwondo – two black belt leaders – my daughter, Natalie Rios, and myself; and eleven Taekwondo students, ranging in age from 7 to 43 and in belt rank from orange to brown, including two parents and one other AES staff person.

The camp was demanding and strenuous. We trained from 9 to 5 for two days before the actual competition. Feedback from other instructors was always complimentary. Our students handled themselves incredibly well, displaying courtesy, enthusiasm, bravery, and sportsmanship. We definitely have a growth mindset in operation!

For me, the highlight was the demo team competition. There were six teams entered, all comprised of mostly black belts. Their presentations included flips, high level kicks, fast moving weapons, and excellent synchronization. Our routine did not have the technical expertise nor difficulty. What we did have was heart. During our routine, several of the judges had tears in their eyes, they were so moved by the emotion of our performance. The audience loved it. Against the odds, we placed third in the competition and were invited to compete in the finals. We ended up in third place, though one of the four judges voted for us to be in second place, ahead of the polished Portuguese team that recently advanced several levels on Portugal’s Got Talent. We are performing our polished demo for Friday Night Lights April 8 for the AES Community and for the upcoming MESAC opening ceremonies.

Arjun Pandey – First in weapons, second in sparring, third in team demo

Aryaa Pandey – Second in weapons and third in sparring

Amitabh Pandey – First in weapons

Rayna Singh – First in weapons and third in team demo

Alena Singh – First in weapons, third in form, third in sparring, and third in team demo

Mun Mun Singh – First in weapons and third in team demo

Ava Griffiths – First in weapons and third in team demo

Liam Batemyr – First in weapons, second in form, and third in team demo

Esther Rubin – Songahm Spirit and third in team demo

Ananya Balakrishnan – third in weapons and third in team demo

Hardayal Kumar – Third in form, second in weapons, and first in sparring

Natalie Rios – Third in weapons, third in sparring, third in team demo, third in international team sparring

Susan Vernon – Third in team demo and second in international team sparring


Enjoy the photos from this amazing trip:

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