ASIAC Volleyball – Guest Post by Max Rubin

My name is Max Rubin. I had an idea to try something new. I have always enjoyed photography so I decided to take it to the next level. I wanted to do action photography for the ASIAC volleyball and tennis. My dad is a big photographer so he has always been a big motivation. I learned a lot,  especially about cameras.  I think this experience was amazing and more kids should do it.

Enjoy the photos!


Create Your Own Elective

Imagine you have 85 minutes every other day to learn about something you were really passionate about. What would you spend that time learning? Coding? Movie-making? Writing a story? In this elective, students have that opportunity. In C.Y.O., students design and manage their own learning experiences with guidance from Mr. Kuehn. After identifying their interests, Mr. Kuehn and the student locate resources to help develop a plan, connect with mentors and experts, and design a way to showcase the work. 

This week, Akira Douglas and Nahuel Jimenez Pol shared their Experiments with Liquid Dynamics. Check out the video below. Enjoy!

MathCounts 2016

Congratulations to our traveling MathCounts 2016 teams!  Our mathletes represented AES well at our recent chapter competition in Dubai.  Kargil Behl, grade 6, took top honors as the highest scoring individual overall.  Kargil battled face to face in a “sudden death” competition to win his individual gold medal.  Our Black and Gold teams also took 3rd place and 6th place out of 15 competing teams.

In addition to a weekend filled with Mathematics, we explored the Dubai Mall, saw the Burj Khalifa, made new friends,and spent time enjoying the sunshine at The Beach, Jumeirah.  As one participant commented, “This trip was about a lot more than Math!”  We are looking forward to the written State Competition to be given in March.  The top scoring four individuals from all international state-department sponsored schools will form the State Department team and participate in the National Mathcounts Competition in Washington, DC in early May.

Visiting Artist Mark Hill: Physical Theater

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“Great acts are made up of small deeds”  Lao Tzu

MARK HILL is an international Physical Theatre performer and educator. For the past decade he has trained and performed with cutting edge Australian companies Zen Zen Zo, The Danger Ensemble and De Quincey Co. He has been a Butoh dancer with Dairakudakan (Japan) and SU-EN Butoh Company (Sweden) and has toured the world with Cabaret Punk musician Amanda Palmer of the US band The Dresden Dolls. Mark has taught Physical Theatre throughout Australia, ASIA and Europe, and he teaches extensively for ISTA (International Schools Theatre Association). Mark is an Australian Education Ambassador, an ASIALINK leader and was an Art and Health & Physical Education teacher for many years.


The students focused on three very important concepts in physical theatre:

Energy (7 levels: Floppy, Monday Morning Wake Up, Curiosity, Awareness of Senses Strong Emotion, Best Day of Your Life, Dynamic Stillness with 5 being optimal that integrates the senses with emotion)

Focus (Fixed Point, Peripheral Focus)

Physical Awareness

They then had the opportunity to work with shape within Dynamic Stillness.  Looking at the world through extraordinary shape with a focus on literal and abstract (interpretation and imagination) shape, allowed students to understand how their bodies create images in a performance.

Working together students created extraordinary shapes using repetition, opposition, closeness or distance, level or negative shape to create dynamic images that tell a story.

Nutty Nut Dance Performance

On December 5th, Briar Chatterjea offered a wonderful experience for AES families: an interactive dance workshop/performance.

Parents and students danced to bring the magic of the Nutcracker Alive @ AES. They drifted and swayed like a snowflake to Tchaikovsky’s score. They skittered, slashed and saluted in the battle of the mice and soldiers.

The AES Nutty Nut Family Dance reflected our community with a Bollywood piece offered by HS Dance Reach Out with our Vivekenand neighbors and more.

Nutty Nut BOllywood Nutty Nut Clara Soldiers Nutty Nut Mother Ginger

ASIAC Soccer

Today marks the first day of the ASIAC Soccer Tournament at ASB in Mumbai. The day kicked off with a nice opening ceremony and then play began. With warmer temps and slightly cleaner air, the students started the day in fine fashion. Please enjoy the pics below from the first day.

December MS Social – Decades Theme

The MS Social in December was planned by eighth grade students and the theme was Decades. Students came representing a variety of decades from the 50s through the 90s and had a blast! There was ping pong and the move Grease was showing, and there was music and dancing. And a fun highlight was the Decades Diner, serving up Coke Floats! Check out the fun pics below!

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ASIAC Music Fest

AES Middle School musicians traveled to Chennai October 9th and 10th to participate in the ASIAC Music Fest. Reports from teachers and parents with the trip communicated how impressed and proud of the AES students and their great musical contributions.
You can watch the concert by following this link:
Check out some photos from the trip:
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