Bullying Prevention in the Middle School

In preparation for WOW, Mr. Asher and Ms. Coady have been working with all MS students through their PE classes to raise awareness around how negative body language and excluding behaviors can be very damaging to students on the receiving end of these behaviors.  Some conversations they had: What can you do if someone is being mean to you? What is the difference between an “Upstander” and a “Bystander”?  What can you do if you notice mean or excluding behavior within your friendship group?  What’s one way you can make sure everyone in your tent group feels included during WOW?

In addition to conversation, students also watched the following video:

The important take aways from the sessions:

  • It is never okay to be mean.  Never.
  • At AES we treat people with dignity. Always.
  • We stand up when people are not treated with dignity.

Additionally, the School Climate Committee and Peer Facilitators will be a hosting a movie night for students and parents. The movie is a documentary called “The Bully Project” and will be shown on Friday, October 23rd at 5:00pm in the MS Studio for students and a nearby classroom for parents. You can see the trailer below.

HOPE Club to Lodhi Gardens

On Saturday, October 10th the MS and HS HOPE Club ventured to Lodhi Gardens with students and teachers from the Tigri School. From the middle school, Aishwari and Skye joined Dr. Frazier and the other high school students.

Our AES students taught the children how to make the kite. It was a beautiful place to make and fly a kite–with the Bara Gumbad Complex in the background < http://islamic-arts.org/2013/bara-gumbad-masjid-delhi/ >.

Dr. Frazier learned how to make these simple glider-kites from an Australian at a workshop sponsored by NASA in Houston–for teachers from schools connected with the Office of Overseas Schools. At the time, Dr. Frazier was teaching at Dhahran Academy, Saudi Arabia. That summer the workshop group met the ten teacher astronaut candidates, including Christa McAuliffe. They had just finished “0-g” simulation aboard a retrofitted big jet nicknamed, The Vomit Comet. Dr. Frazier has introduced this kite to all ages all over the world. A very durable design–nearly everyone is always successful.

It was an amazing backdrop – kites and monuments. The students from Tigri already know quite a bit about kid flying, but they were very interested in these as they varied some from the traditional design.

MS Social: Halloween Theme!

Energy levels were high for the first MS Social of the year. With black and orange and plenty of spooky decorations, students had fun dancing, playing table tennis, watching movies and hanging out with friends. Socials are a great opportunity to build community and have fun. There was also a fun costume competition with winners being a witch, a break dancer and the grand prize to a washing machine!

Family Math Night

Thank you to all the families that came to our AES Annual Family Math Night. The MS math department loved watching you puzzle and play with math (even when your time was up!).
We know that some of you are on the edge of your seats for the answers to the Locker Problem:
All of the square number lockers are open.  These numbers all have an odd number of factors, i.e. 4 has 3 factors, 1,2, 4 so they end up open.  There is also a pattern to be found, between the square numbers the amount of closed lockers increases by 2.  Between 1 and 4 there are 3 closed lockers, between 4 and 9 there are 5, and on it goes.
Additionally, here’s the link to the Math Practices along with questions to ask for each standard to promote mathematical thinking.
IMG_8759 copy IMG_8804 copy IMG_8824 copy

Population Project: Creative Expression

After so much learning with the Population Project all spring, 8th grade students then shared their learning through a Creative Expression project. Students chose one of the options below in order to present their expertise to a target audience as a way of raising awareness of their topic.

Check out these amazing, impressive posters:

[slideshow_deploy id=’1876’]

And enjoy these great performance and “Ted” style talks.

8th Grade Humanities Guilds

In the last 6 weeks of the year, 8th grade humanities students engaged in writing guild work once a week. It was very open-ended and didn’t receive a grade, however as a whole, the students were highly engaged. All 8th grade students presented their work at the end of May, and it was very impressive. Enjoy these amazing presentations below.

William, Karthik and Peter:

Georgia, Imaya, Neha:

Emma W, Kaitlin, Emma H., Emma C.: