Book Talks!

Grade 7 students have headed to the library during their Humanities classes to get an overview of our library and all it has to offer!. The Middle School is so fortunate to have librarian Linda Hoiseth as a great resource for our library. Ms. Hoiseth did a few book talks and really got the students excited about some great books that are popular with their grade level and engaging plots!! Students were introduced to the library website, they had a chance to look at all of the books that they had checked out since they arrived at AES, learned how to hold a book that was still not available and how to renew a book that they weren’t quite done reading.  Students were also introduced to our digital resources and taught how to check out e-books and read e-magazines.  This resource is available to parents as well. Stop by the library to meet the librarian and get signed up! 

Charging Tanks

The students were given a task to make robot designs that looked like charging tanks and could move over rugged surface with ease.  The students  made sure that their bots were well above the ground level in order to save them from dirt and scratches. They used treads to protect the wheels used. Each student came up with a unique design for tankbot. Student tested their bots in the rock garden and the video demonstrates that.  Enjoy!

Hour of Code

On Tuesday, November 14th, our 8th grade students spent ET (Enrichment Time) participating in an Hour of Code.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 6.58.10 PM
How does technology impact lives?

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.00.03 PM

Enjoy the pics below:
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Interested in more coding?!? Here are some further resources from Mr. Coyle (Director of Technology) to explore regarding coding.

To get started
To go deeper
* = Cost involved


Robotics students (from Period 3 and 8) did some exciting challenges in the semester 2 elective, and they experimented with their robots in the classroom and outside in the rock garden. Enjoy these videos that show these students celebrating their work.

Digital Age Literacy – Protect, Learn, Respect and Balance

Students in 6th grade Digital Age Literacy Exploratory have been discussing and working on elements of digital citizenship in class. Students worked in groups and came up with videos that dealt with Protect, Learn, Respect and Balance.

Here are two video that emphasize “Protect”.

Alessia, Suhan and Harsh:

Shiv, Vishnu and Eric:

Interactive Robotics Session from Semester 1

In the first semester, Ms. Ahuja organized a student led session offered by the MS Robotics group to Grade 5 students. Elective students started off with the presentation and shared some interesting youtube videos and the scope of Robotics. Then they provided some independent work time to the ES students. It was an enriching experience for both groups. Video below shows the student engagement during the session.